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Thursday, July 21, 2011

John Doe

Jon rolled over and felt his head literally pounding, like someone had their hands around his head and kept squeezing in pulses. He felt as if his skull was going to collapse from the pressure, but when he felt around, nothing was around his head except for a soft, cottony pillow. The room was dark, yet the pain of opening his eyes was still too much to deal with.
What happened last night? Jon asked himself while beginning to slowly lean up in his bed. As he tried to think back, the last thing he could remember is walking into the Cheetah club.
Is this a hangover or something? Jon asked again. After finally fully sitting up, he ran his fingers through his hair, thinking that it would help him feel a little better, but no such luck came from it; just more headache pains. He started to open his eyes and examine the room. Still squinting, he saw the sunlight crawling under a pink curtain like the light of the night had just the night before.
Well, at least I made it back to Rachel’s hotel room, Jon thought. That still doesn’t stop my curiosity of what actually happened last night. Maybe this is like that one movie and there’s a camera somewhere that will unveil the truth behind last night.
Jon pulled out his cell phone and pressed the unlock button. Instantly blinded by the bright LCD screen, Jon let out a groan as he quickly set the phone down with the screen facing the pink sheets of the bed he was recently laying in. Because the screen was so bright, it actually illuminated a short note laying on the bed right next to it. Jon picked the note up and read it.

I’m at work right now, but I really think that we should go out tonight, if you’re up for it. I know a nice place. If you don’t want to, we could always watch a movie or something. Up to you.
See you soon,
xoxo Rachel

God, I hope this feeling dissipates soon, Jon thought. It’d be nice to finally go on a date.
Jon worked his way to the edge of the bed and sat up straight, but only for a minute. He slouched back down and rubbed his squinting eyes. The smell of alcohol ran up his nose from the palm of his hand.
Well, that helps explain a little bit, Jon thought again. He slowly worked his way to his feet and stumbled into the wall next to the bed. Still a little woozy, apparently. He slowly made his way to where he remembered the bathroom was, step by step by stumbled. He felt his way around the corner and closed the door behind him. The next step was to find a Tylenol, but in a pitch-dark mysterious room, finding one little pill bottle can be a difficult task. In order to see, Jon would unfortunately have to turn the light on. With his eyes closed and covered, he found the light switch and flipped it up. Only one, dim light came on, lighting up yet another short note.

I knew you would probably have a hang over for it being your first time partying. Just to look out for you, I went ahead and took out all of the lights, and replaced one with an old one.
Yours truly,
xoxo Rachel

She’s an awesome person, and look at that. She put the pills right next to the note.
Jon leaned his head back a little and tossed the pills down his throat. With a very small gulp of water, his hangover remedy was on its way through his blood system. Until then, he would have to pass some of the time. He opened the bathroom door again and walked back to the bed, leaving the dim light in the bathroom on to see around the room. The combination of the sunlight through the curtains, the bathroom lights, and the light emitted by the digital clock gave Jon just enough visibility to see around the entire pink room.

He found his way to the bed, grabbed a remote, and hit the “Power” button to see what the remote actually went to. The stereo across the room lit up and music began to play. It was some pop music, but Jon wasn’t sure of what it was.
Is this what people listen to these days? Jon asked himself as he hit the “Power” button again, set the controller down, and reach for another one.
This controller was a little bigger than the last. He hit the “Power” button on this remote and a square from in front of the bed flashed and back to dark. It slowly became brighter and brighter, and the volume increased with the brightness.
Let’s see what’s on the news for the Big Apple.
Jon began to flip through the channels until he found a news station. Though the 8 a.m. news was about half way over, the main story was still in full discussion. Jon leaned in to listen closely to the TV after seeing pictures of the Cheetah Club.
“As you can see, Tom, the club has suffered total devastation,” the reporters said. “No one is completely sure who was behind the burning of the building, or if it was even intention.. Oh, okay. I’m getting word now from the fire department that the fire was ignited by a lit cigarette, Tom. The cigarette entered the building from a parking structure and slowly singed the carpet of the honorary ‘Charlie Sheen Room.’ Everyone in the club just thought that the smoke was just for effect for the dancers, so they continued on without a worry. After a few minutes, though, the club had bursted into flames. Fortunately, everyone got out alright. Back to you, Tom.”
“Woah,” Jon said aloud as he smelt his clothes and realized that they did smell an awful lot like smoke. He also noticed how bad he smelt altogether having been wearing the same outfit for the past three days and decided that he needed to shower and change. Before he could get back up, though, Jon’s body forced him to lay down and fall back into his drunken slumber.

Ralie K Scenario 4

As soon as she got back into the car she handed Mr. Johnson his money back.  
“Just keep it, dear.” he said to her pushing her hand back with  fives and tens.
“Are you sure?” she returned looking at her hand.
“Oh, I’m sure.”
Dimitri shifts the car into car into drive and begins at the road again.  Above, the clouds, just started turning gray and the clouds began to bulge.  Ralie looked out the passenger window, and noticed how dreary it started to look.  Thoughts began to run through her mind, she worried that this rain may ruin her trip.  
It started to become a guessing game.  Ralie turned to Mr. Johnson “Will this effect anything?” and pointed up to the dark sky.
“Oh, dear.  I hope not!” and he looked out his tinted window.  “Dimitri take the back way.” and pointed to some rough roads.  
The road appeared to be in the same mood as the sky.  It was dark with many patches from the semi’s taking this road.  Their destination was only a few more short miles.  Ralie became filled with excitement.  She was about to exploded like a balloon on New Years.  Twiddling with her hands and the outfit she was wearing.  
“How close are we?”
“Only a couple more miles.” he said.
Suddenly the rain came pouring down, beating on the window on the car.  The clouds began to twist and turn as the wind blew them across the sky.  The ride was beginning to get more bumpy and Ralie hung onto the side of the car door.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Kurt May 4

The sky was growing grayer and grayer with every passing minute. The sound of thunder speed through downtown New York like the taxis that filled its streets. People carried their umbrellas with them as they walked down the street. Some were green, some were red, and some were blue. Some were pink, some were yellow, and some were purple. The colors dancing through the sidewalks painted a beautiful picture.
Another boom of thunder rang as the first raindrop began to fall. It had packed its bags and told the rest of the raindrops goodbye. The raindrop took one more look at the cloud : his home. And with that, it let go. The raindrop started falling faster and faster. It let go of its things and finally landed on the forehead of Kurtis May.
He opened up his eyes for the first time in a long time.
“Where am I?” asked Kurt aloud as he sat up.
Kurt looked around. He was laying on the grass surrounded by many trees. There were sidewalks cutting through the grass with benches along them. He could hear cars in the distance but he couldn’t see any.
Must be a park, Kurt thought to himself. The last thing I remember was leaving the club with the guys and...wow. What the hell did we do last night?
Kurt’s thoughts were interrupted by thunder. It boomed even louder than before.
“Looks there’s a storm coming in,” said Kurt. “I had better find my way back to the hotel soon.”
“Who the hell are you talking to?” said a voice from behind Kurt.
Startled, he turned around quickly. He found an old man sitting on a bench holding an umbrella over his head. He was a small, frail man. The wrinkles on his face held stories of times that were long gone. He had a small tuft of hair sticking out from underneath his hat.
“Myself,” laughed Kurt. “I didn’t know anyone else was around.”
“You’re in New York, kid. There is always someone around,” grumbled the old man. “So what the hell is your problem, huh? You’ve been laying there for hours. Then you started talkin’ to yourself. You some kind of crazy man?”
Kurt laughed again. “No I’m not crazy. But I did have a crazy night last night. I remember being out with some friends and then...boom. Here I am.”
The old man laughed a quiet laugh and the solemn expression on his face finally broke. “I remember those days. Never did anything quite like this happen to me. But I had my day.”
Another boom of thunder interrupted the old man as the rain began to turn into a shower.
“You should get going, kid. Weatherman says this is gonna be a bad one,” warned the old man.
“Yes, I should. What about you? No offense...but aren’t you a little old to be out here during a storm?” wondered Kurt.
“Well...it doesn’t really matter, kid. I could be sitting at home, alone. In my big red chair. Or I could sit here, alone, on this nice big bench. It doesn’t really matter...”
“Of course it does-” said Kurt before being interrupted by the old man.
“No, no it doesn’t. There is no one worried about me. I’m a grown man and an old one at that. I’ll do what I want. But you...you need to get going.” warned the man again.
The old man sat silent for a moment. Kurt could tell something was on his mind. “Ever since she died I haven’t had anyone to care where I was, what I was doing...”
Kurt could hear the loneliness in the man’s voice. “I’m sorry he said. You know I kind of know how you feel. My parents died a couple weeks ago...”
The old man kept sitting there. It was as if he had forgotten that Kurt was even sitting next to him. “I miss her so much..” said the old man very quietly. A tear slowly fell down his check. It filled a wrinkle and created a pool, almost like giving new life to an old story.

It began to rain quite heavily now. “Well it was nice talking to you sir,” said Kurt as he got up from the bench. The old man looked at him and cracked a smile so small, you could barely tell he had moved his mouth at all.
Kurt walked a few moments before breaking into a run. Thunder boomed again overhead as lightning flashed between the tall buildings of the city. He stopped for a moment to look behind him. In the distance he saw the old man still sitting there with his umbrella. Kurt wanted to help the man but he knew there was nothing he could do. So, he continued running.
After running for about five minutes, Kurt finally reached civilization. Despite the weather, the streets were still filled. He waved down a taxi and got in.
“Grand Hyatt, please. How long a drive is that?” questioned Kurt.
“About thirty minutes away,” replied the cab driver.
Kurt laughed to himself. It must have been a wild night. Kurt had quite the cab fair racking up but he didn’t care. He was warm and in a dry place now. He was in awe at how the cab driver maneuvered through the streets. He knew exactly where to go and exactly what was around him. Must have taken him forever to learn the city, thought Kurt.
During the long taxi ride, Kurt found himself thinking about his experience with the old man. He thought about what he was doing and what he had said.
“You all right?” asked the driver.
“Yeah,” replied Kurt. “The rain always puts me in a funny mood.”
“Whatever. Don’t let a woman ruin your life,” joked the cab driver.
Kurt wished it was a woman that had him down. He wished it was something as small as that. But it wasn’t something as easy as a girl. Even away from home, or what was home, he still found himself thinking about his parents. And then something went off inside his head.
Kurt began to think. I need to just accept this and move on! I mean, yeah its a hard thing to deal with. Even though it was over a month ago, it still feels like it was yesterday. But I can’t do this forever. If I do...I’ll end up like that old man. I don’t want that. I don’t want to be sitting around thinking about what I’ve lost forever. That old man was sad and tired. I’m tired of being sad. I’m tired of being tired...

Jazmine Scenario 4

The car ride was very enjoyable.  The group passed many tall buildings that shined like crystal.  Some had brick embroidering the sides, others lined with steal, and some trimmed with glass.  Her eyes followed each building, turning her head trying not to loose its sight.  Mr. Larry Johnson just admired her, with a big cheesy grin.  Dimitri was focused on driving to their destination.  He’d turn onto a different lane of traffic and yet again Ralie would gaze at the beautiful city.  Her eyes never feasted onto sights as these, this was a sight for sore eyes.  Ralie dreamt of being in a great city, as a young girl and now her dream finally came true.  She was full of excitement.  
“Sir?” Dimitri interrupted.
“Oh, Dimitri.  Please, do stop and let us all have a bite to eat.” Mr. Johnson replied.
Dimitri immediately pulled the vehicle over and stopped near a small hot dog stand.  It claimed to be “The Best.”  He put the car in park and escorted Ralie and Mr. Johnson out.  
“Ralie, I’m so sorry for the inconvenience.  It’s a shame the first meal you have to eat here is at a hot dog stand.  But please do hurry, we are on a time limit.”  and Mr. Johnson handed her some twenties.  
Ralie walks to the stand and spoke in a soft voice “Yes, can I please have one?”
The man on other side handed her a plain hot dog with a bun.  She handed him the cash and he gave her change in return.  Ralie managed her way to find the condiments and started to dress her dog. Ketchup first, extra mustard second, and just a tad of relish, that was the way she liked her hot dogs.  
Finally, a cure for her starvation.  She brought up the deliciousness to her mouth and took a big bite.  As soon as she turned around, she ran into an old gentlemen.  He had a hot dog as well, topped with a stained cowboy hat, gray whiskers covered the top of his lip, a denim button up, a big golden buckle, and at the bottom was some dirty leather boots.
“I’m so sorry!!” she said quickly swallowing her mouth full.
“Oh, It’s not your fault.” he returned brushing off the crumbs.
“Are you sure?”
“Yes, Ma’am.”
“Well, where are you headed? I just got here.”
“I was headed to a bank, for a loan.  I just got here as well.”
“Well!!! How bout that!” she said with a smile.
“Name’s Texas Jack.” extending his arm.
“Ralie Kay.” and she shook his hand.
“Ralie? Hone please lets get moving.” Mr. Johnson interrupted and so Ralie nodded and contined back to the parked vehicle.