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Thursday, July 21, 2011

John Doe

Jon rolled over and felt his head literally pounding, like someone had their hands around his head and kept squeezing in pulses. He felt as if his skull was going to collapse from the pressure, but when he felt around, nothing was around his head except for a soft, cottony pillow. The room was dark, yet the pain of opening his eyes was still too much to deal with.
What happened last night? Jon asked himself while beginning to slowly lean up in his bed. As he tried to think back, the last thing he could remember is walking into the Cheetah club.
Is this a hangover or something? Jon asked again. After finally fully sitting up, he ran his fingers through his hair, thinking that it would help him feel a little better, but no such luck came from it; just more headache pains. He started to open his eyes and examine the room. Still squinting, he saw the sunlight crawling under a pink curtain like the light of the night had just the night before.
Well, at least I made it back to Rachel’s hotel room, Jon thought. That still doesn’t stop my curiosity of what actually happened last night. Maybe this is like that one movie and there’s a camera somewhere that will unveil the truth behind last night.
Jon pulled out his cell phone and pressed the unlock button. Instantly blinded by the bright LCD screen, Jon let out a groan as he quickly set the phone down with the screen facing the pink sheets of the bed he was recently laying in. Because the screen was so bright, it actually illuminated a short note laying on the bed right next to it. Jon picked the note up and read it.

I’m at work right now, but I really think that we should go out tonight, if you’re up for it. I know a nice place. If you don’t want to, we could always watch a movie or something. Up to you.
See you soon,
xoxo Rachel

God, I hope this feeling dissipates soon, Jon thought. It’d be nice to finally go on a date.
Jon worked his way to the edge of the bed and sat up straight, but only for a minute. He slouched back down and rubbed his squinting eyes. The smell of alcohol ran up his nose from the palm of his hand.
Well, that helps explain a little bit, Jon thought again. He slowly worked his way to his feet and stumbled into the wall next to the bed. Still a little woozy, apparently. He slowly made his way to where he remembered the bathroom was, step by step by stumbled. He felt his way around the corner and closed the door behind him. The next step was to find a Tylenol, but in a pitch-dark mysterious room, finding one little pill bottle can be a difficult task. In order to see, Jon would unfortunately have to turn the light on. With his eyes closed and covered, he found the light switch and flipped it up. Only one, dim light came on, lighting up yet another short note.

I knew you would probably have a hang over for it being your first time partying. Just to look out for you, I went ahead and took out all of the lights, and replaced one with an old one.
Yours truly,
xoxo Rachel

She’s an awesome person, and look at that. She put the pills right next to the note.
Jon leaned his head back a little and tossed the pills down his throat. With a very small gulp of water, his hangover remedy was on its way through his blood system. Until then, he would have to pass some of the time. He opened the bathroom door again and walked back to the bed, leaving the dim light in the bathroom on to see around the room. The combination of the sunlight through the curtains, the bathroom lights, and the light emitted by the digital clock gave Jon just enough visibility to see around the entire pink room.

He found his way to the bed, grabbed a remote, and hit the “Power” button to see what the remote actually went to. The stereo across the room lit up and music began to play. It was some pop music, but Jon wasn’t sure of what it was.
Is this what people listen to these days? Jon asked himself as he hit the “Power” button again, set the controller down, and reach for another one.
This controller was a little bigger than the last. He hit the “Power” button on this remote and a square from in front of the bed flashed and back to dark. It slowly became brighter and brighter, and the volume increased with the brightness.
Let’s see what’s on the news for the Big Apple.
Jon began to flip through the channels until he found a news station. Though the 8 a.m. news was about half way over, the main story was still in full discussion. Jon leaned in to listen closely to the TV after seeing pictures of the Cheetah Club.
“As you can see, Tom, the club has suffered total devastation,” the reporters said. “No one is completely sure who was behind the burning of the building, or if it was even intention.. Oh, okay. I’m getting word now from the fire department that the fire was ignited by a lit cigarette, Tom. The cigarette entered the building from a parking structure and slowly singed the carpet of the honorary ‘Charlie Sheen Room.’ Everyone in the club just thought that the smoke was just for effect for the dancers, so they continued on without a worry. After a few minutes, though, the club had bursted into flames. Fortunately, everyone got out alright. Back to you, Tom.”
“Woah,” Jon said aloud as he smelt his clothes and realized that they did smell an awful lot like smoke. He also noticed how bad he smelt altogether having been wearing the same outfit for the past three days and decided that he needed to shower and change. Before he could get back up, though, Jon’s body forced him to lay down and fall back into his drunken slumber.

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