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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Ralie K Scenario 4

As soon as she got back into the car she handed Mr. Johnson his money back.  
“Just keep it, dear.” he said to her pushing her hand back with  fives and tens.
“Are you sure?” she returned looking at her hand.
“Oh, I’m sure.”
Dimitri shifts the car into car into drive and begins at the road again.  Above, the clouds, just started turning gray and the clouds began to bulge.  Ralie looked out the passenger window, and noticed how dreary it started to look.  Thoughts began to run through her mind, she worried that this rain may ruin her trip.  
It started to become a guessing game.  Ralie turned to Mr. Johnson “Will this effect anything?” and pointed up to the dark sky.
“Oh, dear.  I hope not!” and he looked out his tinted window.  “Dimitri take the back way.” and pointed to some rough roads.  
The road appeared to be in the same mood as the sky.  It was dark with many patches from the semi’s taking this road.  Their destination was only a few more short miles.  Ralie became filled with excitement.  She was about to exploded like a balloon on New Years.  Twiddling with her hands and the outfit she was wearing.  
“How close are we?”
“Only a couple more miles.” he said.
Suddenly the rain came pouring down, beating on the window on the car.  The clouds began to twist and turn as the wind blew them across the sky.  The ride was beginning to get more bumpy and Ralie hung onto the side of the car door.

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