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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Kaelen Scenario 3

Kaelen kissed James again, and he went inside for his job interview. She felt a sense of happiness and pride in her boyfriend, for trying so hard to support their newly growing family. Although she was nervous about going somewhere with someone whom she'd never met before, she was looking forward to spending time with someone who could possibly become a new friend. Living in a huge new city where she new no one, this would be good for her.
“Are you ready to go?” asked Leiah.
“Yeah, I guess. What kind of cafe is it?”
“Well you can get things there like coffee, tea, and muffins. Its a pretty good place to talk.”
“Hmm..sounds good. Lets go then.” They both got into the car and drove off down the street. As the neared the cafe, Kaelen started to get really nauseous.
“Can you please pull over? I think I’m going to be sick.” Almost as soon as Leiah stopped the car, Kaelen quickly opened the door and threw up.
“Are you going to be okay?” Leiah inquired.
“Yeah, yeah I’m fine. It's just morning sickness. Well its not the morning but you know what I mean.”
“You're pregnant? Well congratulations! Lets go find ourselves a spot inside.” Leiah opened the door for Kaelen, and they both walked inside. They chose a table by the big window overlooking the busy street. Almost as soon as they sat down, a waiter brought them a menu.
“What can I get you two ladies to drink?”
“I'll have a caramel mocha frappuccino.” said Leiah.
“I'll just have a glass of water.” said Kaelen.
“Okay, I'll be right back with those for you two.” Kaelen leafed through the menu, but didn't really feel hungry enough for anything.
“Where are you from?” Leiah asked.
“I'm from a small town in Missouri.What about you?”
“I'm from Hawaii. Its a really nice place to live, though I kind of wish we'd get snow down there. What finds you up here in the lovely Big Apple?”
“Back in my small town, getting pregnant before getting married is shunned upon. As soon as my parents found out that I was pregnant, they kicked me out of the house. I moved in with my boyfriend James. Obviously that didn't last long, because his parents kicked him out. His dad is kind of an a-hole. We just wanted to move far away from there,to a totally different place to start our family.”
“So you chose New York?”
“Yeah, I’ve always wanted to come here, and its far enough away from everything so that we won't be bothered.”
“Ah I see. Well, I’m not from New York either. I'm from Hawaii.I came here to visit my uncle, the officer that captured that woman today. He's my dad's brother, but I’ve never met my dad before. He left when I was really little.”
“My dad left when I was just a couple years old, so I never got to know him either. He's written me letters, but my mom kept them from me.”
“I never asked. What's your last name?”
“It's Gracin. What about you?” When Leiah heard that, she got a look on her face of shock.
“That's odd. That's my last name too.”
“Whats your dad's first name?”
“Wait, what? Did you just say Nathaniel”
“Yeah, why?
“That's my dad's name...” They both sat in silence and wondered, could they really be sisters? Could this be the kind of thing that only happens in Hallmark movies?
“Do you think we could be sisters?” asked Leiah.
“Well, our dad's have the same names, and we do kind of look alike. Oh my gosh, i'm feeling light-headed. That's a lot to take in. Wow.”
“I know right. How do you think we can find out if we're related or not?”
“I don't know. Take a paternity test or something?”
“That's a possibility. This is so cool! To think that I might actually have a sister!” Kaelen and Leiah sat and talked for about thirty minutes in the cafe. After a while Kaelen got the call from her boyfriend that he was finished with the interview. Kaelen and Leiah got up and went outside to the car. They drove to the building where James was waiting. Kaelen got out and asked him about how the interview went.
“How'd it go?”
“Well, I have good news. I got the job!” James exclaimed.
“Oh my gosh, that’s great! When do you start?”
“They said I could start tomorrow. Isn't that awesome honey?”
“Yeah, but what about us moving?”
“I was thinking we could just stay in a hotel tonight or something, and then work everything out tomorrow.”
“Ugh, okay I guess. Do you want us to come get you now?”
“Yeah, I’ll be waiting outside.”
“We'll be there in a few.” Kaelen hung up the phone. She seemed kind of agitated.
“Is everything okay?” asked Leiah.
“Yeah, I just wanted to get settled in a little today. Lets go get James.” Kaelen and Leiah headed out the cafe doors and got into the car. Soon, they arrived at Jame's new job. Kaelen stepped out of the car to talk to James. Sitting there, Leiah thought about what it would be like to have a sister. She had been an only child until now...

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