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Thursday, June 16, 2011

As Jazmine and her mom are driving back to the hotel they are so excited to about going back home to start their new life . Because when they left for New York City they lived like nothing ever  bad could happen to them but, after that doctor’s appointment their lives changed.  Now they they have a sense of normal now even though they thought the worse and prepared for it . After getting out of the cab and they walked to the door . They both looked at each other and said “I am hungry .” So they walked up to their room and grabbed the phoned and called to room service to get something to eat and they order a long list of food like steak and baked potatoes with baked beans and salad . They order a lot of food that and ate and drink chocolate milk and talked till they fell a sleep. They woke up in the morning they had to  pack their bags quickly cause they only had an hour to make it to the airport . They grabbed a cab and went straight to the airport . Got their tickets checked off then went straight onto the plane . As they put their bags up and grabbed thier seats they were so happy to be going home after all this time . Jazmine was happy that she was going back and finishing up her senior year . She now knew what she wanted to do with her life . And it would be an adventure of a life time .

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