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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Jasmine Episode 5: Disaster and Good Luck

After her date with her handsome coworker, Jasmine headed back to her hotel room. She was on cloud nine after she got there. By the time she had got back it had started raining. She didn't think anything about it because she was from Alabama and had always heard that the east coast was usually always wet. Anyways she was walking into the hotel and found that inside the hotel was a frenzy. Everyone was running back and forth to the front desk and there rooms. She didn't know what to do. What was going on that she missed out on? She decided she would try to bob and weave through the mess of people and ask the person at the front desk what in the world was going on. She made her way over there and asked “Sir do you know why everyone one is running around like this?” The clerk said with an annoyance in his voice, “Were under a Hurricane warning haven't you heard.” “Oh my god i didn't even know” she said with a worried face. What was she going to do? She had experienced many different storms in Alabama but she had never experienced a hurricane! She ran swiftly to her room and found her room key with shaky hands. She ran into her room and tried to gather all her belongs but then stopped suddenly. What was she suppose to do after she got all her stuff? Where was she suppose to go? Well she decided she would try to call home. She was still gathering all her stuff when she heard her mothers soft soothing voice. She tried to explain to her what was going on between breaths. Her mom started telling her that she needed to gather all her stuff and find a safe place to go far away from the direction of the hurricane. She hadn't been in the city long but she was sure she could follow the crowd of people to find a safe place.
She finally got all her things packed and ran down the stair again to the front desk and yelled at the clerk that she was leaving. She ran outside and signaled for a taxi to pick here up. “O god,” she kept thinking what if i don't make it somewhere, what will happen? She tried to put all of this out of her mind as a taxi pulled up in front of her. She jumped into the taxi and told the taxi driver to take her to where ever everyone else was going to get away from the storm. Thankfully he knew where to go. But there was a problem. The roads were packed with cars taking people all over the city. She tired not to freak out but it wasn't working. So what would happen to the sweet down home country girl? No one would ever know

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