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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Sam Frost Scenario 5

Sam went back to New York and started searching for the building that the Chinese gang found for him that was supposed to be Frost’s hideout. Sam could tell that someone was following him but he didn’t know who. Sam finally got to the building and he turned around to the sound of a car pulling up and when they got out it was Matthew. Sam asked “him why did you follow me”  and Matthew said “I got a tip off who called me and said that someone that I want to see would be here”
“who is this someone”
“Is he here”
“that’s what the man said, but for all I know that someone could have led us straight into a trap.”

“Hello , Sam, Matthew how have you both been.”

Both Sam and Matthew turned around at the same time only to see the one person they despised the most Frost.

“What are you doing here”
“to see you guys of course, but let us skip the pleasantries before one of you starts shooting at me”
“you son of a....”

Before Matthew could even get his gun unholstered someone shot him in the chest.  At that moment he started remember everything, he was not sure if that was from the shock of he might die or another reason, but he didn’t care, he remembered something, something that has been long since forgotten, he had a son that was taken from him many years ago, Sam, Sam was his son.


“I swear to god ill kill you”

“Now Sam don’t make another move or your father dies”

“What are you talking about”

“you don’t know that must be horrible, remember when you were a kid and I told you your parents were dead, well that was mainly my fault, well all of my fault I guess, now that you know have a few moments to talk before we take care of you”

Sam fell to his knees and tryed to talk to Matthew, but Matthew was unresponsive.  Until about a minute later Matthew came to and tryed to speak to Sam, but couldn’t make the words come out he just kept spitting up his own blood.  At that moment Sam remembered that Matthew told him about the smoke bombs in his vest.  So he grabbed the smoke bomb threw it on the ground and when the smoke started to disperse all Sam heard from Frost was “fire on them don’t let them get away.”  Sam in all the confusing dragged Matthew into the building behind them and took cover behind the couch in the living room. Sam got back up and went back outside to see Frost and about 12 other men. Matthew woke up to gun shots and sat up in the chair and got back on his feet and stumbled outside and saw Sam on the ground in a puddle of blood and saw 12 other guys on the ground dead as well. Frost was on the ground and crawling to his gun, then Matthew started to limp towards him and pointed his gun at Frost then Frost threw a knife at Matthew hitting him in the leg. Matthew fell to the ground and Frost reached for his gun and turned to fire and Matthew shot him in the head.  He crouched next to the body and simply said this

“Finally its done”

After he said that he fell to the ground next Sam and died.

Da end

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