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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Kaelen Scenario 5

Kaelen sat patiently in the waiting room, awaiting any news that the doctors could bring her. Thoughts were racing through her mind that she didn't want to think of; Would James die? Is he going to be okay? It seemed like hours before someone came out to tell her what was going on.
“Are you James' girlfriend?” asked a tall male doctor.
“Yeah, is he okay?”
“Well, we have him in a stable condition. His burns weren't as bad as we thought. He sustained some trauma to his head, probably a mild concussion, nothing to worry about really. He also has a couple broken ribs, and we're going to keep him overnight for observation. I think he will be just fine. Would you like to go in and see him?”
“Yeah, that'd be great.” Kaelen got up and followed the doctor into James' room. It scared her saw him, sitting there hooked up to a heart monitor and IV, sleeping. She hoped that he was really going to be okay.
“If you need anything, just ask the nurse or come find me.” the doctor said, and he walked out of the room. A nurse came in to administer more medicine into Jame's IV.
“What are you giving him?” asked Kaelen.
“Just some pain medicine. It'll help with his burns. Can I get you anything? Some coffee maybe?”
“No, i'm fine, but thank you.” replied Kaelen. The nurse finished giving the medicine, and she walked out of the room, leaving Kaelen alone with James.
Kaelen sat by Jame's side for a while, holding his hand and waiting for him to wake up from the anesthetics. She noticed that he was slowly starting to awaken. His eyelids slowly came open and he looked right at Kaelen.
“There you are babe. I was afraid I would never see you again. Am I alright?”
“Yes, you are fine. The doctor thinks you will be okay. How are you feeling?”
“Well, I'm sore. Allover. What happened? I don't remember a thing except a loud bang.”
“Well, I talked to the police just before the ambulance took you to the hospital and they think that someone in one of the rooms was cooking meth and caused an explosion. It almost blew the whole front side of the building off.”
“Oh really? Wow. Crazy stuff huh? Ah dang it, what about my job tomorrow?”
“I'll call your brother here in a little bit and tell him what happened. Don't worry. I think that they'll understand. I can go do that right now if you want me to.”
“Sure, but don't be surprised if I'm asleep by the time you get back. I'm pretty tired and worn out.”
“Ha ha, okay. I'll be back.” Kaelen leaned over and gave James a light kiss on the the lips. She headed out in the hallway to go call Jame's brother.
“Hey Tom, it's Kaelen. I got some bad news for you. When we went to the hotel yesterday, there was a meth lab explosion that caused a big fire and James got hurt pretty bad. We're at the hospital right now.”
“Is he going to be okay?” asked Tom.
“Yeah, he's just got some burns on the surface of his skin and a couple broken ribs. I don't know if he can make it tomorrow to work. Whats going to happen?”
“Well, i'm pretty good friends with the boss, so i'll explain everything to him. I'm sure he'll understand, considering the circumstances. Do you know when he'll be out?”
“I think they're keeping him overnight for observation, or something like that, though I think he should rest at home for a few days.”
“I'll come visit him later. Is that okay?”
“Yeah, I'll be here for a while and he was up just a few minutes ago. Come by any time.”
“Okay, I will do. I'll call you later after I talk to my boss. Tell him to get better or i'll kick his butt for me, okay? Haha.”
“Yeah, okay. I'll do that. Bye.” Kaelen hung up the phone and went in to find James wide awake.
“Hey beautiful! What did James say?”
“He said he'll talk to his boss. He'll call me back later with what he said, but he thinks the boss will be okay with it.”
“Good, I was worried about it. I didn't want to lose that job. Losing that job would mean having to get a minimum wage one til I can find a better one. Hey, why don't you go and get some rest?”
“I'm not very tired. Though, I will go and get something to eat from the cafeteria. Will you be okay until I get back?”
“Heck, don't worry about me. I'll be fine. Give me a kiss before you go though.” Kaelen gave James a kiss on the lips.
“I love you.” Kaelen whispered into his ear.
“I love you too.” James said back. Kaelen walked out of the room and headed to the cafeteria. It seemed like everyone was staring at her as she walked in the cafeteria. Maybe it was just her being paranoid. One man just wouldn't stop staring at her. He had dark brown, almost black hair, and he was really tan. He looked eerily familiar. As Kaelen was picking out what she wanted to eat, the man started walking towards her. It was creeping Kaelen out.
“Have I seen you somewhere before?” asked the man.
“Um, not that I know of. Why?” replied Kaelen.
“It's just, that you look a lot like my daughter. I've only ever seen pictures of her, since I left when she was a baby, which I regret deeply. Sorry to bother you.”
“I know it's weird to ask, but what's her name? Maybe I know her.”
“Her name's Kaelen.” Kaelen stared in disbelief. Could this be her father that she never remembered?
“Is something wrong?” asked the man.
“No, its just,” Kaelen paused, “that my name is Kaelen.”
“What is your last name? The man asked, very interested to hear the answer.
“Gracin.” Kaelen replied. Her was beating a million times a minute in anticipation to the man's answer. That one response could change her life forever.
“That is my last name! Finally, I have found you at last! Your mother kept me from you all of these years. I kept trying to reach you and send you letters, but yet you never replied. All your mother would send me is photos of you at each of your birthday parties. I'm sure she did that to show what I was missing. I'm so sorry for not being there for you.”
“I'm still in disbelief. Wow. Just to make sure, what is my mother's name and what is yours?”
“Annalynne Maine. I'm Nathaniel.”
“That's my mom. You're my dad!” Kaelen impulsively gave her dad a big hug. It seemed like it had stunned him at first, but he then returned the hug. Finally, Kaelen knew who her father was. Her life was one step closer to being complete. She and her father sat and talked for a few minutes, then Kaelen remembered who was waiting for her. James! She had almost forgot, from all the excitement of meeting her dad.
“Hey, my boyfriend is in a room waiting for me. Would you like to come and meet him?”
“Sure, I'd love to.” Kaelen and her dad returned to the room to find James sitting up watching TV in bed.
“Who is this?” James asked.
“This is my father! Who would've know that he would be here, in this exact same hospital!” Nathaniel walked over to James and shook his hand, being careful of his wounds.
“I'm Nathaniel, Kaelen's father. You must be James.”
“Yes, the one and only.”
“Well, lets sit and talk for a while.” said Kaelen.
“Okay, sounds good to me.” said Nathaniel. The three sat and talked in the hospital room for several hours. Finally, they came upon the subject of Kaelen's mom.
“Have you talked to Mom at all lately, Nathaniel, oops I mean dad?” asked Kaelen.
“Well yesterday, I got a call from her mother, your grandmother. I don't know why I neglected to tell you this, but something terrible has happened to your mother. Everyone has been trying to reach you, but I assume your cell phones got destroyed in that meth fire. They knew somehow that I was here in New York, so they employed me to find you. I don't know why though, since they all hate me.”
“Oh god. What happened to mom?”
“She was in a terrible car accident the other day. She's in the hospital right now, that I know of, and the doctor's think she will be paralyzed for life.” Kaelen sat in silence, trying to hold back the tears. How could this happen? Why was everything going wrong and some things right? Would she have to move back to Missouri? Would she have to leave her new life in New York already, after only a few days here?

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