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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Ralie Kay Scenario 5

“Dimitri! Take it easy!”
“Yes, sir.” he returned at Mr. Johnson, looking through the rear view mirror.
Soon the rain came down so hard, Dimitri couldn't make out what was in front of him and yet he still was traveling at dangerous speeds for these conditions.
“Dimitri! What did I say!?”
“I’m sorry, sir.”
“Whats going on, Mr. Johnson? Dimitri?” she spoke with nervousness in her voice.
“Ralie don’t worry.” Mr. Johnson said to her putting his hand over hers. “Everything is going to be just fine.” Trying to reassure her.
“Sir, I can’t see.  Would you like me to continue?” Dimitri said to Mr. Johnson.
By this time hail began to pound against the car, making harsh noises as it hit.  Dimitri not an experienced driver was trying the best he could to handle the vehicle and Ralie tried to stay calm through the hole situation.  But Dimitri finally lost control and the car began to swerve across the pavement.  He gripped the steering wheel tightly, turning it to gain control again, but it was no use.  Ralie was gasping for air, she lost her breath from the shock and Mr. Johnson held her close trying to make her as comfortable as possible.
The speed of the vehicle couldn’t be stopped, it rocketed down the road.  The nose of the car veered off into a pothole and the car became air-born.  It rolled through the air, over and over many times.  The passengers inside fearful of their lives, were tossed side to side.  Each being beaten and bruised from the interior.  
It finally rolled down the side of a hill and came to a gentle stop at the bottom in a small ditch.  It became silent.  The surroundings remained the same expect for the trail of the car.  Tire tracks and grass uprooted lead to the crumpled mess.  The only action left in the vehicle was the left rear wheel spinning from the gravity, it eventually came to a stop.  The rain came to a soft sprinkle and “pitter-patter” onto the the cars opposite side.  
Then out of the blue, the left back door opened.  The crumple of the metal scratched and crumpled and it moved.  The only passenger alive limped out of the battered mess.  Mr. Larry Johnson, he crawled away from the unkown vehicle.  Grabbing the wet ground he pulled himself up.  His face was almost unrecognizable, blood ran down his face.  He took his hands and tried to wipe away the pain but it was no use.  He noticed that he was the only one away from the mess.
“Oh, dear God. NO!”
He crouched back down and looked into the car, both of them became victims to this accident.  His success wiped away by a measly storm.  He sat there for a few moments and stared at the bodies.  His heart began to beat faster, he became light headed and nauseous.
So he decided to sit down, the rain was still falling onto the scene and into Mr. Johnson’s eyes.  He brought both his hands to his face, and tears began to flow from his eyes.  

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