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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Texas Jack Scenario 5

Well it all came to an end after Texas Jack ran into a girl that was shoving a hot dog in her mouth. They talked for a short while and then he was on his way to the first national bank of new york city. When he walked into the bank he was in line for about to hours when he began to feel really suspicious about this group of men. While he soon forgot about the men when it was his turn to go in and talk to the banker. Jack explained what a tight position he was in and how badly he needed this loan just to stay afloat. They got to talking and the banker finally decided that he would give Jack the loan. They had just signed the contact when a man wearing a mask burst threw the door and said to get down and shut up. So they went out where all of the other people were and the cops showed up and asked for the demands. They were told that they wanted to see America pay for all of its sins that Osama Binlandin would be avenged. So right then jack knew that nobody would get out of there unless he tried to do something to stop the execution of all these innocent people.So he watched for his chance to take a gun and when he did he shot all of the terrorists before they knew what was happening. Then a shot rang out and Jack hit the floor so then people jumped p to protect Jack and try to stop the bleeding and it was realized he was shot by a police sniper. In his last words he to the banker to get that money back to his family in Texas. The banker gladly took the money there personally along with the body of Jack he was laid to rest in the meadow and the money was used to save his ranch and his family still owns and operates it to this day.

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