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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Jasmine and Colter

[She was finally waking up after her day of touring New York. She even made it to 5th street before all the stores closed. She was so excited to finally see where she has always dreamed about. Now she just couldn't wait to finally open up her own store. She had wanted to put her store in the exact middle of the street where everyone would have to at least go by her store to get where they were going so maybe they would look in her store and have to stop. As she was daydreaming about all this she jumped out of bed. She just finally realized something she had forgotten about all along. Since she used up all her money getting here, she would have to find a job. Oh my god it was already eleven o’clock. She hurried into the bathroom took a very quick shower and got dressed in her best clothes she brought with her.
If she thought this job hunting thing was going to be easy she was way off. She went all over the town. She started off with the stores on 5th street where she wanted to end up herself. But none of them were hiring. She wasn't happy already. So trying to stay positive she went around town trying to find a job. It was getting late and she had gotten nowhere. So right as she was about to give up she drove by this bar. No she couldn't bring herself to work at a nasty bar where everyone is nasty. Well she had no other choice so she dragged herself into the bar and found herself standing in owe. It was a normal nasty bar. It was clean and even had a stage. This shouldn't be that bad right, well if they would even hire her. So she mad her way to the owner and surprisingly enough he was over joyed to hire her. He did it right there on the spot basically no questions at all. She was kind of excited she would be serving drinks to some nice people who would be there to watch this play thing that would be going on, on this stage. She was so ready to work. Well that was until she got to work the next night. Things were definitely not what they seemed.

Colter was enthused to get a job!  Looking everywhere because no job openings or offers at the Empire State Building.  He put in his application at every place he could get to within three hours.  With only one, interview offered to him.  At the Pub by Day.  Seemed to be a very busy bar.  He knew he would like it!  With the more information he found out about it his modeling skills would come in handy even more and more.  The shift was for the night, and he would start the next day.  He came in in the required maximum uniform.  A black muscle shirt and jeans, with what ever shoes he desired.  His boss was quite excited to see how he would do.  He had the impressive resume, and desire able look.  Starting his job he was nervous.  He slowly got on stage and entertained the guest like expected.  He did a star of a job!  Grabbing every females attention in the room.  Even the new bar tenant.  The cute girl that gave him the lift the rest of the way to New York.  He had to see her and talk to her.  He didn’t know her but he had a since of affection for what had seemed to be a complete stranger.  What was her name though?  He couldn't seem to remember.  He kept staring at her the rest of the night even through his next shows to see if she had a name tag or someone said her name.  The boss took quick notice of his attention for her.  She wasn’t happy either.  The boss was hoping to hire this “beef cake” in hopes to have his attention all to her.  I mean she was the boss, wasn’t he supposed to be impressing her?  
At the end of the night, before Colter could reach this young lady, his boss asked him into the office to discuss the work schedule he would be on.  She knew then that the two knew rookies would not see much of each other.  

The following week Colter seen no sign of this mysterious beauty whose name he couldn’t remember for anything.  He had went in on the last Thursday of the month to pick up his check which he knew would be big seeing how the boss had him working so much.  To his wondering eyes what should appear?  A pretty blonde girl, with eyes full of tears.  This killed him to see such a beauty with tears, he could not resist but to aid her.  He conversed with her and came to the conclusion she was home sick.  He had to make her feel better, show her parts of New York she had not seen yet.  He gently asked her if she would accompany him on a date.  She was very hesitant to this because he was a co-worker, but then decided how much harm could one afternoon out with one good looking guy do?  They headed back home and he would later meet and pick her up from her apartment, and head out to East Parkway and eat the most ravishing cuisine he had ever had and hopefully the best for her as well...
Oh she was so gorgeous she put what stars were in the sky to quick shame.  She was quiet at first but he was shy, he had never seen anything so pure.  When they got to the restaurant all changed though, it was as if they both came alive all of a sudden.  


The date was amazing.  Everything he had aspired for it to be.  Taking her home though, he wasn’t quite ready for.  She was so beautiful and it seemed to end so early.  From there they waited outside of the restaurant for the taxis.  Where she bestowed a kiss on his left cheek.  He instantly went numb from the waist up.  He went on his way from there.  At his apartment he had settled down on his futon, and was ready to rest.  He couldn’t though, the young lady left kept pondering in his mind.  She was so beautiful.  The most beauty he had ever seen, and yet had to work of.  When all of a sudden he heard a shout!  It was the lady across from him.  She kept screaming, so he ran to her rescue.  She was upon a fire.  She was making tea, and fell asleep, and all the water had vaporized and set the pot upon fire.  He ran in and like a hero sprang into action.   He grabbed the closest blanket he could and started setting out the fire.  Withing thirty minutes of scolding work, he had finally put the fire to rest.  The fireman had finally arrived after it was handled though.  The lady was shocked, she was in tears and almost uncontrollable.  Finally he had left and let the other neighbors, help her out, he knew he had to get rest, he was working a double shift later on that day.   He had told everyone a twork about his success the night before, his pure bravery , and how he had never done anythign like that before in California.  He was enthusiastic about all of this, but he seemed to be the only one enthusiastic about it.  He eventually gave up about the whole topic and just became a silent beinbg.  The rest of hte day until he seen the most beautiful person he had seen in fwell a day.  He told her of his story, and she was so proud of him she kissed him again with her big beautiful lips on his left cheek.  He finished his shift and headed back tho the apartments, and began his rest once more. When all of a sudden he had gotten a looked at his answer machine, and seen that he had a message.  Who from, there are only so few that actually have his number.  Colter then finally listened to the message, it was the local fire department.  The wanted to meet him.  Why?  Was he going to be in trouble now because he did a public officials job?  Was he going to be fined?  He showed up the next day and decided that they were very appreciative of his actions, and that he saved a ladies life.  They offered him a job.  What?  Colter had never thought of being something like this.  His field of choice was never thought to be a fire fighter.  Modeling the closest he was ever going to get to that was the stripping job he worked every now and then and he was having trouble keeping a social life with that.  HE took it, with only about two minutes of hesitation.  He put in his two weeks at the bar, and he got so happy so fast.  He moved to a better destination, and made more money.  Colter finally got he girl of his dreams, and eventually became the fire chief.  Who would have guessed that a California boy, who went to New York with the dream of being a model, would soon have to anticipate the sound of a bell ringing for the next fire.

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