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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Ralie K Scenario 3

The car ride was very enjoyable.  The group passed many tall buildings that shined like crystal.  Some had brick embroidering the sides, others lined with steal, and some trimmed with glass.  Her eyes followed each building, turning her head trying not to loose its sight.  Mr. Larry Johnson just admired her, with a big cheesy grin.  Dimitri was focused on driving to their destination.  He’d turn onto a different lane of traffic and yet again Ralie would gaze at the beautiful city.  Her eyes never feasted onto sights as these, this was a sight for sore eyes.  Ralie dreamt of being in a great city, as a young girl and now her dream finally came true.  She was full of excitement.  
“Sir?” Dimitri interrupted.
“Oh, Dimitri.  Please, do stop and let us all have a bite to eat.” Mr. Johnson replied.
Dimitri immediately pulled the vehicle over and stopped near a small hot dog stand.  It claimed to be “The Best.”  He put the car in park and escorted Ralie and Mr. Johnson out.  
“Ralie, I’m so sorry for the inconvenience.  It’s a shame the first meal you have to eat here is at a hot dog stand.  But please do hurry, we are on a time limit.”  and Mr. Johnson handed her some twenties.  
Ralie walks to the stand and spoke in a soft voice “Yes, can I please have one?”
The man on other side handed her a plain hot dog with a bun.  She handed him the cash and he gave her change in return.  Ralie managed her way to find the condiments and started to dress her dog. Ketchup first, extra mustard second, and just a tad of relish, that was the way she liked her hot dogs.  
Finally, a cure for her starvation.  She brought up the deliciousness to her mouth and took a big bite.  As soon as she turned around, she ran into an old gentlemen.  He had a hot dog as well, topped with a stained cowboy hat, gray whiskers covered the top of his lip, a denim button up, a big golden buckle, and at the bottom was some dirty leather boots.
“I’m so sorry!!” she said quickly swallowing her mouth full.
“Oh, It’s not your fault.” he returned brushing off the crumbs.
“Are you sure?”
“Yes, Ma’am.”
“Well, where are you headed? I just got here.”
“I was headed to a bank, for a loan.  I just got here as well.”
“Well!!! How bout that!” she said with a smile.
“Name’s Texas Jack.” extending his arm.
“Ralie Kay.” and she shook his hand.
“Ralie? Hone please lets get moving.” Mr. Johnson interrupted and so Ralie nodded and contined back to the parked vehicle.

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