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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Jon Doe Scenario 3

Jon rolled over in bed to see a digital clock displaying bright red numbers glowing in the darkness, though with his foggy vision, he couldn’t quite read it. He then rolled back to his back and stared at what he thought was the ceiling of an uncertain room in the dark abyss. Only very little light came in from the window, covered by thick drapes. Light could only enter the room by crawling underneath and dying out before it reached the shadow of a white, wooden dresser.
Still starring at the ceiling, Jon rubbed his eyes and began to wake up more and more. His vision began to become more focused. He rolled to look back at the clock and read it as “8:14 p.m.”
Oh my, Jon thought to himself. I didn’t come to New York to sleep. I came here to live!
Jon shot up out of the bed and made his way toward the light switch. After he made it within a few feet of the switch, the door began to open, shedding bright light into the still dark room. A feminine hand reached in and hit the light switch into the “On” position, and nearly blinding Jon.
“Are you awake, Jon?” said the girl.
“Yeah,” he said in somewhat of a painful tone while he shielded his eyes. “Who are you again?”
The girl laughed a little. Not one of those obnoxious fake laughs that can instantly change someone’s mood for the worst, but instead, it was a cute laugh that you couldn’t help but to love. “I’m Rachel,” she said. “You must have been really tired, huh?”
“Ha, yeah,” Jon replied. “I guess I was.”
Rachel finished walking into the room and closed the door behind her.
“Are you well-rested?” Rachel asked as she walked to her dresser and started taking off her jewelery.
“Yeah,” Jon answered. “Better than I was.” He uncovered his eyes, and while squinting, made his way back to the bed and sat on the corner. He began to smile a little. “How was work?”
“Oh, horrible,” she returned. She started to unbutton her shirt. “Mark, our General Manager, was just riding my ass all day.” She then took off her shirt and started to work on her skirt.
“Oh, well,” Jon said kind of awkwardly, covering his eyes. “That... sucks.”
“Oh, my bad,” Rachel said, walking into the bathroom. “You look like somewhat of a lady’s man; The kind of guy that would get a lot of attention.”
“No, actually,” Jon announced, uncovering his eyes. “My parents never let me go out on dates.”
“That’s too bad,” Rachel answered back from the bathroom. “Just from first impressions, you don’t seem like one of those douchey kinds of guys.”
“Thanks, I guess,” Jon replied after a short silence.
“No problem,” she acknowledged happily. “Are you doing anything tonight?”
“Yeah, but,” he said reluctantly. “I kind of wanted to go out and party a little bit and have a late night.” There was only the sound of Rachel brushing her hair.
“Well, I have to work in the morning, really early,” Rachel responded as she walked back into the room in her underwear. “So, I don’t think I can go.”
“That sucks,” Jon said, trying not to stare. “Can I, uhh.. Still use your room?”
“Oh yeah, for sure,” Rachel answered while stilling brushing through her long, dark brown hair. “But, before you leave town, we need to go out sometime and get to know each other a little. I think you are great guy. Obviously, you respect women, just by the way you are acting about me standing here half-naked, and you have not yet to make any sexual gesture, unlike most of the other guys in this city. I like that, and I like you.”
“I have to say, Rachel,” Jon replied. “I like you, too.”
“That’s good!” she said gleefully. “If you would have said anything different, I probably would have kicked you out.” She smiled, and walked back to the bathroom.
Jon got up and walked toward the bathroom door.
“And I also have to say that you are damn cute,” Jon announced while approaching her nervously.
“Oh yeah?” she asked. “Is that so?”
“Definitely,” he said back, putting his arms around her waist. Jon leaned in started kissing her neck.
“You know, for someone who hasn’t been with any girls,” she started out, “You’re pretty smooth.”
“Ehh.. I’m working on it,” Jon said with a joke as he backed off. “But hey, I’m gonna go.”
“Are you sure?” Rachel looked at him in the bathroom mirror. “You looked like you were getting pretty comfortable.”
“You’d be surprised,” Jon replied almost sarcastically. “I’ll be back, though.” He walk through the doorway and towards the door out of the room.
“You better, Jon,” Rachel said jokingly. “Or I’ll have to hunt you down and lock you away all for myself.”
Jon laughed and opened the door. “I promise.”
“Alright, have a good night,” Rachel said. “See you in the morning.”
“Yes, you will,” Jon acknowledged as he walked out of the door. “Good night.” The door shut and the locking mechanism latched right after, only to be opened by a copy of the magnetic card.
Shit, I forgot my key on the table, Jon thought to himself as he raised his hand to knock on the metal door. While going in for the first knock, Rachel opened the door with the key in hand.
“Forget something?” she asked handing it to him.
“I did,” he said. “I was just about to knock and ask for it.”
“Good!” Rachel replied. “I was afraid that you left it on purpose because you didn’t want to see me again.”
“Of course not,” Jon answered to the accusation. “Why would I pass up someone like you? Some so... Amazing, to say the least.”
“Awe... Fair enough,” Rachel judged. “Have a good night.”
“You, too,” Jon replied as she shut the door again.
Should I have call her “babe” just then? Jon thought. Ehh... It’s probably too soon.
Jon walked over to the elevator and hit the down button to call for it. After a few short moments, the elevator bell dinged and the doors opened. He walked in after a random strange looking man walked out. The man was dressed in a tan suit and had light brown hair. Ignoring the slight oddity that had just crossed his path, Jon pressed the first floor button. The elevator door closed, and descended down to the ground level.
When the door opened, it revealed a completely different aspect of the hotel’s lobby than what Jon once examined. It was lit up bright, and bustling with activity. The windows were darker, but cars’ headlights lit up the city. Just about every car outside had an illuminated yellow “Taxi” light perched perfect on their roof. He made it to about the center of the room when he heard his name from a familiar male voice from the middle of a crowd. The crowd breaks revealing Kurt sitting on the couch with a guitar in his lap.
“Jon,” Kurt repeated.
“Oh hey,” Jon said out loud.
“What are you doing?” Kurt asked.
“About to head out,” Jon answered. “Ya know, find something fun to do.”
“Hell yeah,” Kurt said. “Mind if I join you?”
“Why not,” Jon said back.
Kurt jumped up, guitar still strapped around him.
“Let me run up to my room real quick,” Kurt said.
“Go for it,” Jon nodded. “I’ll be here.”
The crowd dispersed and Kurt ran to the elevator. Jon walked through the people and made his way to the couch that Kurt was once sitting. A younger looking man walked over to him and sat down beside him.
“Hey, man,” the man said. “I heard you guys were going partying.”
“Yeah, we are,” Jon asked with a little bit of an attitude. “What’s it to you?”
“You mind if I joined you guys?” the man asked.
“Why not,” Jon replied in a lighter mood. “Before we can party together, though, we have to at least know your name.”
“The name’s Andy,” he said. “Andy Scott.”
“Alright-” Jon was interrupted.
“I’m ready now,” Kurt said quickly.
“Wow, that was fast as hell, bro,” Jon replied.
“Yeah,” Kurt said with a smirk. “Who’s this?”
“Andy Scott,” the unknown man said.
“What are you doing here, Andy?” Kurt asked.
“Just here to party,” Andy said.
“Yeah, he’s going to go with us,” said Jon.
“Just fine by me,” laughed Kurt.
And so the three guys walked out of the lobby together. It was a little strange for all of them. They didn’t really know each other all that well. Each had their own reason for being in this grand, unknown city. Yet, everything was okay, at least for now. The boys were being boys tonight.
With cigarettes lit and windows rolled down, the group rode through New York in Jon’s car and admired New York City’s light shows between the skyscrapers, ground hoggers, and all of the advertising. In fact, when the guys drove through Time Square, all of their mouths dropped in awe. Lights flashed, and color changed on the giant advertising billboards. After stopping at a red light, Jon was given the chance to look around, but only for a short time. A similar angry cab driver from earlier that day honked and yelled at the Shelby GT350 to move out of the way. Jon shook his head, refocused his eyes, and rolled on.
“So, where are you guys thinking we should go?” Jon asked.
“Somewhere with stiff drinks,” Andy recommended.
“I’d be fine with that,” said Jon. “What do you think, Kurt?”
“Well, seeing as we’re all guys here, why not do what guys do?” Kurt asked.
“What’s that?” Jon responded confused.
“Go to a strip club!” Kurt yelled.
“Yeah!”  Andy replied, giving Kurt a high five.
“Alright, I guess,” Jon said nervously. “I don’t know how well this will work out, though. I’ve never seen a girl naked. Today was the first time I had even seen a girl in her underwear.”
“Really?” Andy asked and burst into laughter. “No offense, but that’s hilarious.”
“You’re parents really didn’t let you live at all, did they?” Kurt questioned.
Jon shook his head. “I haven’t even had a girlfriend. My life has always been about education and shit like that.”
Kurt put his hand on his shoulder. “That doesn’t matter tonight, man. None of it does. Tonight...” Kurt looked around the car, then continued. “We’re gonna live!”
“Sounds good!” Jon said excitedly. “Where to?”
“On it,” Andy said, pulling out his cell phone. “Hmm... It looks like a place called ‘Cheetah’ is nearby.”
“Sounds... Nice?” Jon replied.
“Yeah, it does!” Andy shouted.
“Let get to it, guys,” Kurt suggested.
Jon drove for a few blocks and listened to Andy’s directions to get to it.
“There it is,” Andy pointed out.
Really? This is the place? Jon thought. It looks like a low budget shantytown infested with diseases.
“Alright, boys,” Andy started off. “Tonight, we are men... End of heart-warming speech.”
Each of them laughed their own laughs while Jon pulled his car into the parking structure right next door to the strip club.
“Party time!” Andy kept repeating over and over.
Kurt finished up his cigarette just as Jon found a parking spot, and through it on the ground below. He then got out of the car, Andy right behind him. Jon reluctantly made his out of the car, knowing that tonight was probably going to be trouble.
And apparently, it was, since the last thing he remembered was walking in the door and changing his mind entirely about the club.
Wow, this place doesn’t look half bad, Jon thought.

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