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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Sam Frost Scenario 3

Sam arrived at the hotel and fell asleep waiting for tomorrow. The next morning Sam woke up and walked outside. He headed towards the Statue of Liberty to scope out the meeting spot for this afternoon. Sam found a building on Elise Island that was being worked on right across from the Statue of Liberty. Sam went back to his place he was staying and when Sam got back one of the guys that Takashi sent out to look for info on “Him” was waiting for him at the door. The guy said before I give you the info we need something (Sam) “what
    “we need you to kill a man who has been giving info out about there gang when you kill him well give you the info. The informant is at the Statue of Liberty meeting with some guy if you have the chance kill the guy too”. Sam went up stairs and got his case with his rifle he walked and boarded the harbor to get back to the Island then walked to the building that it was working on.
    Sam waited for one of the workers to come out for lunch and when one of them did he knocked him out and took his clothes and the Sam walked up to the highest floor and set up his gun and aimed at the Statue of Liberty and looked through the scope and saw the informant talking to someone, but Sam couldn’t see the man he was talking to. Sam slowed his breathing and then held his breath and pulled the trigger. Through the scope he saw the man fall down, then Sam saw the guy the informant was talking to and shot again but missed and Sam looked through the scope and didn’t see anyone so Sam started taking his gun apart as fast as he could so he could get out of there and then when down the stairs and left the building heading back to the fairy to go back to his hotel. (Sam Frost)

It was almost over, the information was almost in Matthews grasp the only thing standing between him and what he wanted was traffic.  All this time and the only thing stopping him from finishing the first part of what he set out to do was traffic, of course.  He decided it would go much faster to get out on the streets and walk , but here where he was, “where am I”  he thought in all this time he never paid attention to where he was actually heading , but for something like this it was worth it to make it on time.  He walked for close to three hours before he even had the Statue in sight, at that point he stopped, rested, looked at the view, and then kept moving forward.  
It took some time to get to the point where he was able to finally walk up the stairs of the statue, but at least he was there.  Every step he took the anxiety of everything was building inside him.  He got to the top and was immediately pulled off to the side.  “Hey what the......” he was taken to a room and was instructed to stand on of side of the wall while the informant stood on the other side, for security reasons, cameras and all. They only got the chance to talk for about three minutes before something happened,  the informant fell over in the glass of the shattered window, right after he fell another shot hit the wall next to Matthew.  He began to run, running faster than what he did in his earlier days, running, running, never stopping.  At this moment he thought “I came this far and I am not going to get killed now of all times.”
(Matthew “Ray” Porter)

Sam got back to the hotel and got a call from Takashi and was told to meet up at the recreation center by the waterfront park. Sam met up with Takashi and was given info on “Him” and also a job. Takashi wanted the person who the informant was talking to, dead and was going to pay a lot of money to do it. Sam agreed and told him he’d call when the jobs done. ( Sam Frost)

Matthew was still wondering what just went down up in Mother Liberty.  Whoever killed the informant knew that we were meeting there and likely would be coming for Matthew one way or another most likely sooner rather than later because whatever Matt has gotten himself into is linked to someone else somehow.  He was lucky enough to at least get the location of one his prey’s safe houses and it isn’t very far away.  The location was a place that he has been to before, it was where he had first met Jimmy “Frost” and his prodigy who I never did get the name , but the kid looked vaguely familiar.  After that incident 21 years ago when someone broke into his house killed his wife nearly killed Matthew in the process, after that all the memories of the past just seem like vague memories lost through time. It was a place off the coast of Maryland, in Baltimore at a place called Point Breeze docks.  (Matthew “Ray” Porter)

Sam got some info about the guy who met with the informant. It seemed that the man was heading to Point Breeze docks in Maryland Baltimore. Sam called a taxi to take him to the address. While riding in the taxi Sam thought about the name Point Breeze and why it sounded so nostalgic. Sam kept trying to remember but couldn’t until he arrived at the place. Sam looked around and finally remembered about coming here once, he remembered that “He” brought Sam here when he was five so he could meet some guy.
(Sam Frost)

Matthew had just arrived at the docks and started scoping out the area walking, watching. He got to where the storage units were held and started walking past them until he got to an open area, he caught a glimpse of something to his left, but when he went to look in that direction, Bang! someone shot at him nearly hitting him in the head, he saw the mans face, it was Sam. Matthew took cover, unholstered and cocked his gun, then Sam took cover behind the nearest container.  A few shots were exchanged between the two men.

“Sam, that’s your name isn’t it”

“how do you know my name”

“vague memory from the past, I recognized your face , but I don’t remember where we met”

“your the guy from the subway, I’ve felt like I’ve met you some where else”

“why did you try and kill me”

“the Chinese gang wants you dead”

“why does the Chinese gang want me dead?”

“I don’t know, they think you have some info on them”

“why do they think that”

“the informant you were talking to”

“they got it wrong, all I wanted was a name and a location, which I am guessing its you who ruined it for me”

“what was the name”

“none of your concern”

“fine I’ll let you go for now, It was easy enough to find you so if your lying then I’ll find you again”

After the little incident Sam left to link up with his Takashi, while Matthew stayed and waited to see if the man he is looking for comes back to this location or if, Sam had spooked him off, only time will tell, time that Matthew has plenty of.

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