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Friday, August 12, 2011

Leiagh: Scenario 3 The Big Mystery

Leiah is surprised that you are still interested in her story about her life and her BIG mystery that she is about to reveal....Kaelen and Leiah are still at the cafe talking about who their dad is, while Kaelen’s boyfriend is still at Wall Street for his interview. It turns out that Kaelen and Leiah think that they have the same dad but their not for sure yet. After about an hour and a half Kaelen’s boyfriend James text’s Kaelen and says that he’s done with the interview, so we go and pick him up, then go back to the cafe.  Kaelen and Leiah continue talking about their family and then Kaelen pulls out a picture of her mom and dad to show me who her parents are. When she looks at the picture she kinda recognizes the guy, so Leiah pulls out a picture of her parents and the guy in both of the pictures is the same guy. They didn’t know that it was the same guy, they just thought the guy looked alike.

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