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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Jazmine Scenario 3

As Jazmine  looked up at take beautiful statue she somehow got lost in thought . She imaged   

herself with strength, beauty and what her life would be like if she never aged or could die. Her  mother walked up to her and touched her back and she jumped as her mother said, “dear we must go to your doctor’s appointment .”

As she turns around to follow her mother she looks at all the people and began wondering who they were and if they were all from there? She walks away  with no answer to her questions but, that didn’t effect her mind set and why she was their . Jazmine reached the cab and sat down very tired . She  reached into her purse and pulled out a mirror and looked at herself in it . She looked very pale and sickly and her beauty blond hair seemed to look dull and flat . She put her hand to her eyes and saw the bruises under them not understanding . She put away the mirror and sat there and cried  her mother didn’t notice her because she was to busy giving directions to the cab driver but  Jazmine did not mind cause she need to learn how to deal with it herself cause it was a part of her . As a few more minutes Jazmine  arrived to a very large brick building . Jazmine gets out the car and leaves her mother with the  cab driver as she pays him Jazmine walks up the steps to the glass doors and opened them . As she walked in she doesn’t notice the reception's that was at the right of her the lady said “What doctor are you her to see, and would you please sign in ?” The lady didnt even look up at Jazmine. Jazmine  doesnt know their names but, she had that doctor recommendation paper which she handed the lady . As the lady took the paper and read it she looked up at Jazmine for the first time with shock and compassion and said, “you need to go to room number 23 and they will be there soon .” By that time her mother had reached her and they were walking together to room 23 as they walked in this room was not, what Jazmine or her mom ever normal saw in a examining room there was a couch and a refrigerator  and two  comfy desk chairs  and  some beautiful  paintings . Jazmine decide she was going to set on the couch cause she thought  it would be more comfortable and she was becoming tired her mom joined her in setting on the couch they had only been their for about five minutes when a knock came from the door and two doctors emerged from behind the door saying,   “Hello how are you and how was your trip ?” Jazmine doesnt say anything she is too tired her mother does all the talking cause she good at that . Jazmine seemed to be so tired she would go in and out of sleep as her mom and the doctor’s talk to her about  the cancer she had . When they stopped talking she woke looking around saying, “What did I miss?” One of the older doctor’s walks over to her and said “we want to run test on you so we can see what type of medicine we can give you.”   The  young not bad looking doctor hands Jazmine’s mom a piece of paper of what test they are going to run and the doctor’s want to start doing them now . So they called for a nurse to come and draw her blood and then they wanted to x-ray the bones in the body after that an MRI of all the organs they were extremely through-ow  and  then they cat-scanned the brain for tumors . By the time all the test where done Jazmine was so tired she couldn't move plus she drifting in and out of sleep. The next thing Jazmine knows she’s in a large comfy bed with her mother lying next to her . She opened her eyes once more to see her mom start talking to her and saying , “Are you okay and we ‘re at a hotel  so go back to sleep and I’ll see you in the morning and explain everything okay .” Jazmine nods and goes back to sleep .It’s the morning  Jazmine opened her eyes to see all the light in the room and how beautiful her mom looked with the sun shining on her face looking out the window . Jazmine sits up slow not sure how she feels of right then. She looked over toward  were her mother sits looking out making sure  she doesn’t  disturb her mom . Jazmine  puts her feet to the floor and doesnt have time to stand when her mother is next to her hugging her and then starts to explain what is going on .
Jazmine’s mom tells her the doctor are run all those test because there is a little chance of what cancer she has can be cured if found in time . After her mother had finish explaining she told Jazmine “I’m going to order room service and a movie .” “I think we should stay in and watch a movie and spend time together . “ Jazmine said “that sounds good.”  “Yeah I’m going shower and surprise me with the food .” As she walks away with a smile cause she is looking forward to  spending time with her mom . She grabbed quick shower when she got out her mom had a movie and food waiting on her . Their before her was bacon, eggs with grapes,milk,orange juice and apples . They sat and ate and talked for hours about there life and things they loved . After they had done all this it was evening and the sun was setting . So Jazmine and her mom handle hands and prayed together which they used to do always , before Jazmine found out she was sick . She  just lost her way from God but, she  found it again. After prayer the went to bed and woke the next day . Jazmine woke with an idea of going to explore New York City by herself . She asked her mom and she said “yes” . So Jazmine showered and left the hotel but, she knew what time she most be back by to see the doctor’s to found out her results and what the doctor’s want to do. She hailed a cab and said “take me to a cafe that is good , please.” The cab driver said okay . They went seven blocks and they reached a cafe that Jazmine could not say but, the cab driver said it was good so she went for it . As she walked it  she saw a guy sitting  by  himself in the front at the bar so she set next to him and started talking to him. She found out his  name was Marcus and he was handsome .  They started talking about where they were from and why they were there for . They talked for hours about their family and Jazmine looked at the clock and she had to go. So they exchanged cell phone numbers and emails . And she walked out .

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