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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Andy Scott

Andy Scott was just an average teenager in high school that loved the game of basketball. He didn’t live the average life though. His brother nathan was the star player for the high school basketball team, whereas Andy is the star of the court at the local park. The difference between the two was they had different Moms. Their father Marcus was the all-time point leader at their high school, and after his senior Prom, he and Andy’s mother Karren had a one night stand and Lucas was conceived. Marcus didn’t want anything to do with Andy because he had a scholarship to play basketball in the NCAA, and he didn’t want to jeopardize his perfect life with a baby.

Andy lived in a small town called Bluehill in the state of New Jersey, and just to his luck his world class dad was back in the picture.  The only thing is while he was off at college, he got married to a woman named Barbara,  and they had a son Nathan.

Throughout school Andy was unable to play basketball for the school because he and Nathan were the same age and Nathan was the son of a star player, Granted, Andy was, too, but Marcus disowned Andy and claimed Nathan and the school was all for their former star player and granted any wish he desired.

Karren owned a small barber shop where she worked more hours than what should be legal just to get Andy through school. Andy and his mother built a very strong relationship very quickly without a father in his life. Andy stuck strictly to the local court to avoid Nathan’s harassment.

Then out of nowhere one day while Andy was playing a pickup game with his friends, Nathan showed up and challenged Andy to a game to eleven. The competition was fierce, and it was a great game until the worst thing imaginable happened. Andy collapsed, and there wasno sign of what could be wrong. Andy’s buddy Terrance called 911, and the ambulance was there in a heartbeat.

The Next few hours were a thrill ride for Andy’s mom Karren. The verdict was finally here. Andy had a heart defect that wouldn’t allow him to play basketball for the rest of his life.

Karren was in a panic attack because the doctors discovered a murmur that was going to cause death unless Andy could get a transplant. The doctors werecalling everywhere. They couldn’t find a transplant. Andy was on life support, and the time was running short.

The phone rang at the hospital about a week later and it was a  hospital in New York. Andy’s cardiologist said, “ Hello?”

NY Dr. : “Yes, is this the cardiologist for Andy Scott?”

“Yes it is.”

“I was calling to wonder if Mr. Scott was still with us and if he is does he still need the transplant you requested?”

“Oh my gosh, yes we’ll have him rushed to you immediately!”

Karren was in the hospital for a visit with Andy with the emergency response team came rushing in.

“We have to go now” said the head of the team. The team rushed Andy to the top of the hospital where the helicopter was waiting. They loaded Andy in safely and began to raise off the roof. “Oh no,” said the pilot?

“What!? what is it?” yelled the team leader. “

“I’m ashamed to say this, but we’re out of fuel and there is no way were going to make it to New York with the amount that we do have. “

“You have got to be kidding me. How do you come to a hospital without any fuel and expect there not to be an issue!”

“Im sorry but you’re going to have to take him by ambulance.”

Hurry up, team ,we’ve gotta get this man to New York before its too late. They were finally on their way to New York full roar in the ambulance. This would be the first time that anybody had been taken across states for a medical procedure.

By Wes

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