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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Sam Frost

His name was Sam Frost, and he’s a professional hitman. His job takes him to a whole bunch of places. He’s been to Europe, Italy, Spain, and most of the states. How he got into this business you ask?  A man broke into Sam’s house when he had just turned five; he killed Sam’s family right in front of him and then kidnapped him. Sam became his protegee. He trained Sam on how to shoot a gun, use a knife and hide in the shadows.

    Sam hated every moment of it, but because he was only a little kid, he couldn’t do anything about it. He wanted revenge, but  couldn’t do anything. Sam decided to let “him” train him so that he could get his revenge one day. That was what he thought and believed--until the day he made Sam kill for the first time.

     It was just an old man who wore dirty old rags and was homeless. Sam pitied him and didn’t want to hurt him. His kidnapper, the man he had come to know as his only family,  said, “Either kill him, or I will kill him and then you!” Sam didn’t want to die and as he stood there, Sam’s survival became greater than his fear. So he did it.  

Sam still remember that man’s face and how many times he puked. That’s when it started. The man told Sam that he would have to kill one person every week to get food.  Sometimes, Sam wouldn’t kill and he would go without food for a week . Then his hunger took over so he would kill to survive.

     When Sam turned 16, he began hitman jobs. Sam had become a hitman. He would travel the world killing targets--people. When Sam would get back, "he" would make him unload all the guns and  turn over all his weapons as soon as Sam stepped through the door-- so Sam wouldn’t get any funny ideas. He would do a thorough search on Sam; he feared  Sam would conceal a weapon. Once he found Sam’s knife,  he beat Sam till he passed out. Sam had been caught only twice after that.  Sam always tried to be smarter so he could stay ahead of him.

     When Sam  got back from a job, he went to his room and sat down at his desk. Sam wrote the target’s name, his occupation, and his family’s information in his journal. Sam’s target was a small-town business owner who had nothing and created a business. He had a wife and two daughters. The businessman  got targeted because he got into some business  with some bad people whom he couldn’t pay back. Sam still remembered the face he made when Sam killed him. Sam wished that the man he killed was not that target, but to complete Sam’s goal-- he had to. His wish was that he didn’t have to live like this,  but Sam didn’t have a choice in the matter anymore.

     Sam woke up the next morning and there was a letter and it said: “ Marcus Martini - Age 38 - Race: Mexican - Occupation - Drug Cartel Leader - Location St. Peters Hotel in Mississippi”. So he left and did his job.

    When Sam got back, he rang the doorbell just like always but "he" didn’t answer. Sam rang it again and still no answer.  Sam went to open the door; it was unlocked.  Sam pulled his gun and went in,  Sam searched for the person,  but he was gone.

     Sam looked every where, and there was no sign of him.  Then when he went into “his” study, Sam saw a note, and it read: “ Dear Sam, If you are reading this, it means you’re back from your job, Good Work. Now that you are 16 and have every skill that I taught you, you are ready to live alone. I know you want to find me and kill me, but that would be no fun if I just lived with you! So I have left and hid myself somewhere in the world. Now I’ll be doing jobs just like always and it’s your turn to use every skill you have to find me. I left all my belongings in my office and clues on how to find me. It’s your move.
    P.S. “Good luck! You’ll need it!”.

    That was the last time Sam saw “him.”  Sam checked around “his” office and found a whole bunch of stuff:  pictures, maps, locations, times and contacts. While searching for clues Sam stumbled upon a picture of “him” and five other guys. They looked like they were from the military. Sam looked on the back, and the names were Matthew “Ray” Porter, Jimmy “Frost” Mcfalen, Dirk “Screech” Walin's, Daniel “Trooper” Sanchez.   

Sam decided to look for these guys to see if they knew where “he” was  However, once Sam started to do research on them, he was  finding most of them had died. 

    Sam spent five years doing research and jobs looking for him and making contacts. That was until Sam had finally gotten a tip from an informant who had some news on him. Sam asked where “he” was, and the informant said, “It’s not safe to talk on the phone; I have a meeting in New York, so let’s meet there.”

So Sam was heading to New York. He packed up his stuff and left, realizing he would not be returning--Sam needed to erase everything he had--so while he was leaving, he pushed a button on his phone and blew up his house. This is one of the lessons Sam learned from “him.”  Sam knew this mission was dangerous, and he might not live through this.

Sam headed for the airport.  When he got there, he had to get his weapons on the plane somehow. So while walking around,  he passed a guy who was 6 foot 4 inches, big muscles, a buzz cut and big beard with the look of vengeance--- or so he thought.

    As Sam walked to the corner of the airport, Sam found a bathroom and stashed his luggage in a stall.  Sam went to find the door that exited to the runway and fuel area. Sam waited.  Then a man came out of those doors and headed to the bathroom. Sam followed him, and while he was going to the bathroom, Sam walked up behind him, grabbed him and put him to sleep. Sam took his vest and dragged him and tied him up in one of the stalls. Sam grabbed his bags and then walked outside to where the planes were. Sam stood  next to the plane that was leaving for New York.  Sam looked around to see if anyone could see him.    Sam didn’t see anyone, so he climbed up into the plane from the wheels. 

   When Sam got into the plane, he switched his clothes back to the ones he was wearing before he stole this guy’s clothes.  Sam put his bag between the cargo boxes and walked up and opened the door. There he saw some people already trying to find their seats.

Sam saw a woman who was taking up a whole aisle. She looked confused so he went to help her, Sam asked her what’s the problem, and she said “ I can’t find my seat”  so Sam looked at her ticket and said “ This is your seat.”

“Thank you, you’re so nice” .  

     She put the ticket back in her purse, and while she was turning to sit, he swiped her ticket and sat in her seat. After everyone boarded the plane,  the stewardesses began passing out food and drinks and checking tickets. As the stewardess asked for his ticket and Sam showed her, she smiled and said, “Thank you, looks like every thing's all good here”.

She moved on and then Sam heard a “What?

Sam turned to see,  and it was that woman he helped earlier “What do you mean I have to get off this plane?!”

“Ma’am please don’t disturber the others, you don’t have a ticket so you need to get off.” 

“I’m not getting off, I do have a ticket, It’s in my purse, just watch I’ll show you” ( looking through her purse) “ Where is it? It was just here!”  

“Ma’am, please leave, if not I’ll have to get security”. The woman cooperated and left the plane. Sam felt bad, but it had to be done. Soon he was going to be in New York. Sam got up and headed toward the bathroom, Sam bumped into the guy that he saw at the airport, the 6’4" dude with the buzz cut and big beard. He walked back to his seat.  It was weird. Sam felt like he’d seen him somewhere before other than the airport. Sam got back to the seat and decided he would get some shuteye  before landing.   

by Reid

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