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Monday, January 9, 2012

Matthew Porter

There was a Marine name Matthew “Ray” Porter, and he was on his way to meet a contact at the Statue of Liberty.  Why, was heheading there?   He often wondered that himself for the only reason he was heading there to talk to a contact that had information on his former squad mate, Jimmy “Frost” McFalen.  He was on his way to talk to Richard who was a military informant who had the dirt on everyone.  There were many reasons why he was heading to New York but, the reason above all else was he wanted to find out if Mr. Frost one of his best friends killed his wife.  
He always knew that Frost didn’t like his wife because he thought she was better than she could ever hope to become. He knew that at the first moment she would leave and never have a second thought, but Ray, Ray he just fell for her.  Nobody even knew why all he ever cared about was her: everyone always told him to dump her, but he cared about her probably more than he did himself.  To get to this point there is much leading up to it. 

All of it started on first day of actual war that Matthew had ever seen.  On that day he was in some forest region with the ocean right next to them.  He was a confident person always knowing that he had something worth fighting to get back to.  In his squad there was Dirk “Screech” Walin’s, Jimmy “Frost” Mcfalen, Daniel “Trooper” Sanchez, and finally at the time Matthew Porter.  He didn’t get nicknamed Ray until after they made it through his first fight.  During the conflict there was almost no air, sea, or artillery support due to the foliage and an unknown source of disruption that was blocking all coverage and radar signals, but that was the whole reason Matthew and his squad were there to find and take out whatever was causing the disruption.  During the whole fight everyone in the squad kept a cool head knowing if they did, then they would make it out alive. 
Matthew never was very good at calling people by their nicknames mainly because he never had one of his own.  The rest of the squad would always get mad at him for it except for Jimmy, being Matthew’s only friend and all.  

During that fight they were pushed back to the cliff that was over-watching the Ocean. When that happened, one of the hostiles sprinted at Matt and took him over the cliff.  During the fall before he hit the water all he could think about was his wife.  He woke a few week later with six broken ribs wondering how he was still alive,  he later found out that the only reason he survived was because he landed on a sting ray which basically saved his life, and because of that incident he got the nickname “Ray”.  Bad news followed afterward informing him that “Trooper” and “Screech” did not make it off of the island alive, but he did find out they went out fighting taking out the disruptor so there was some comfort in them at least going out as heroes.  

Three weeks later he was released from the infirmary and sent back to the front lines with “Frost.”  They accomplished many missions together with there new squad, but no one could quite fill the void of “Trooper” and “Screech.”  After three years of serving, they both got the news that they were to be sent home.  “Frost” was sent home a few weeks earlier than “Ray” for matters that were unknown to “Ray.”  “Ray” was heading home on the Jet Liner and he was all around happy gad that “Frost” made it out alive and also glad that he was finally able to go back to his wife Maria.  After three days of travel he finally made it back to his home in Wyoming.  He walked up the stairs in a manner that everyone knew he was home and ready to relax.  
When he walked in the house, he searched and searched but, could not find Maria.  He did smell something upstairs and so he went to investigate and the smell was getting stronger and stronger until he was in front of his closet where the smell was coming from.  He opened the door and saw his wife with a slit neck lying on the ground.  He was stunned by the scene and didn’t know what do.  He did notice that there was a note laying next to the body, and he picked it up and read it.

The scrawled note said, “Matthew, this is a women that was never good she has done so many things you don’t have a clue about, and the only way to stop it from happening was to do this. I know you will be mad and I know what you’ll say, and I know what you will do, so I will tell you where I am .  Not directly because we have bigger plans to do with you so there is an informant in New York City at the top of Lady Liberty.  Meet him there he will give you the details.”  There are events that lead people to do crazy things, and this is why Matthew came to New York.

by Tyler Head

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