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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Ralie Kay

Ralie Kay grew up in a small town close to Waterloo, Iowa.  Hometown: Reinbeck with about the population just over 1,500.  Everyone knew everybody down in this town.  Ralie was a pretty ordinary girl; she didn’t come from some “ritzy” family.  She lived in a modern home with very welcoming family members.  She had many family members, just about 43.  Ralie dreamt of becoming a secretary, and she planned to fulfill her dream.  Her mother was the most supportive, always telling her “Trust yourself, follow your passions.”  Many times, Raile heard this come from her mother’s mouth.  Most the time, it was at family “get-togethers.”

Ralie was composed, of simple blue eyes, and dark brunette hair.  She stood about 5 feet and 8 inches, just a tad bit taller than her mother.  Ralie’s skin was dark, kissed by the sun.  She spent much of her time in  the sun, studying for job opportunities that she thought never would come along.  However, one day that changed.  
It started like an average day;she woke up to the sun peeking through her shades and shining across her soft face.  Ralie almost always was greeted by the sun.  She  slid out of bed, slipped on her soft slippers, and started for the kitchen.  Her stomach kept bothering her, as if asking for food.  Ralie paused and stood in the kitchen for a while, she peered out the kitchen window admiring the beautiful morning.  Step by step she made her way to the fridge,.  She wrapped her hand around the cold handle and opened the door.  She reached for her favorite morning beverage and took a glass out of the cabinet.  She sat at the counter and poured the liquid gold into the cup.  

She took a moment, took the glass to her lips, and enjoyed the taste of her orange juice.  After taking the first sip, she noticed some mail sitting on the counter.  Normally Ralie wouldn’t pay attention to it, but some urge told her pick it up and scavenge through it, so she did.  

The first few where bills addressed to her mother and father, and the next one to her surprise was a letter to her.  Ralie wasn’t too excited but had a sense of joy.  She took the letter and opened it up and unfolded it and began to read.  While reading she took another gulp of her orange juice.  

Now at this moment, the only one up in the household was Ralie, her parents were still snoozing away.  Suddenly, a burst of noise came from downstairs.  Ralie had spit her juice out and was jumping with joy, repeatedly screaming and yelling.  The letter had turned out to be her ticket to make here dream come true, a way to progress in life.  

It had read:… “Dear Ms. Ralie Kay Peterson,
You have an opportunity, to experience an internship with a new corporation in New York.  We have studied your background, and your schooling seems to lead in this direction.  We would love to have you join this team.  Please take these tickets below and meet me, Mr. Larry Johnson so we can discuss this manner.  (Details for the location will be given later) ….”

Ralie leaned back in the seat of the express train.  Her life was just beginning as the train rolled into Grand Central Station.

By Chandice

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