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Thursday, January 5, 2012

Colter Wayne

Colter Wayne was his name.  California girls were his game.  He lived from house to house with high hopes of becoming a model one day.  Under his dad’s wing, he was to one day own the family construction business.  He attended Torrance High School.  His mother passed away giving birth to him.  Although he was young, as he grew, he found that it was his fault his mother wasn’t around.  It wouldn’t have hurt to have a mother’s touch around the house to help keep things balanced.  He always thought about all the women he lost because he never had a mother to help him learn what they want to hear.  He didn’t have mom say, “Can’t say that that way, tell her this instead.”  Thinking back he knew that that would be the reason for his insecurities.  The reason that he never could keep a lady.    You could say he was looking for love, trying to fulfill his Ithaca.  
Colter was determined to get back on the right track though.  He knew he could do that if he could just get to The Big Apple.  Being there he could have a bigger chance at becoming a model, like his dream.  With more hopes he knew he could find his one and only true love there.  How was he supposed to get there though.  Not enough money because he had not been working for his dad in a while.  Looks like he would be pulling out the all powerful thumb.  Hitch hiking is the way!  He saved what little money he had for food and the end of hitch hiking and getting a taxi.  Luckily he knew he could stay with his second cousin Jim Egger on Broadway in New York.  Getting there was the most interesting part.  
First person he could get a ride from was a perverted truck driver.  Old and nasty, looked like he hadn’t showered in a week or two.  He had yellow teeth, a receding hairline that wasn’t going to stop anytime soon.  His belly stuck out far enough it touched the steering wheel, and would jiggle every time he laughed or altered his seating position.  He honked at every girl that he saw.  He tried to get Colter to open up about his sex life, but to be honest he just was not comfortible with talking to a complete stranger about that.  They made it all the way to Michigan and said that was his destination.  He couldn’t have a stalker following him around.  He continued his journey on the road when he saw a white Chevy Impala approaching.  This would be the second person that picked him up.  Her name was Ralie Kay, she was dark haired, was a little shorter than him, blue eyes and possibly the nicest person he had just held a conversation with in a long time.  He didn’t ask where she was going, in fear to seem too nosey but he made his way all the way to Pennsylvania.  
After dealing with the last two hitch hikers, he really hadn’t had the worst of luck except for the repulsive truck driver.  So he waited for the next, at least approachable, car to come along.  Yes it did!  The next car he seen on this back road was a bright yellow 2011 Dodge Charger.  He couldn’t hold back he had to try and get in this sweet looking car.  She stopped her name was Jasmine, the first thing she asked was, hey kid need a ride?  Of course he wanted a ride he nodded with a simple smirk.  He hopped in and the aroma of roses endered his nose.  He wasn’t complaining, but it was so strong.  He decided to start a conversation.  “Where you going?”  The first person he had asked after his journey he was just ready to get there.  
She said, “New York and you?”  
He replied, “Same!”  Less than four hours.  He got to enjoy the smell of roses, and the simple delight of a beautiful woman who could carry a conversation.  

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