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Tuesday, January 24, 2012


Marcus, a young man fresh out of law school, had a tragic death happen in his family shortly after graduating from college. Marcus’ father died of cancer, leaving their ranch and all of its debt to Marcus’ mother and brother to worry about.  Marcus’ brother, William, was raised to care for the ranch and therefore not as educated as Marcus.  Marcus’s mother got a job at a local factory to help pay the bills and keep everything a float, however it was still not enough and Marcus was having no luck getting a job at any of the local law firms.  Marcus hated asking for favors, but the circumstances called for one. He decided to call his aunt and uncle who lived in New York, Marcus’ uncle had established his own law firm and Marcus hoped he would be willing to hire him.  Naturally his uncle understood the situation and told Marcus that if he could get enough money for a train ticket to get to New York he would have a guaranteed job and place to live. Marcus’ uncle told him he would need to come up with $312 for the train ticket and any extra money he might want for snacks along the ride.
Marcus knew he couldn't make any money on the ranch so he decided to apply as a cook at a local restaurant. It only took Marcus a week to get the money needed, he earned $360 in a week.  Of course to make that much money he had to work very long hours. Marcus called his uncle and informed him that he had the money and that he should expect his arrival in three days. Marcus left Tuesday afternoon at 3 p.m. on a train headed for New York. The train ride was long and boring, Marcus rode coach therefore everything was mediocre. The seats were uncomfortable, the train was nosey, and the rich passengers who rode in the cart ahead of him were very rude to him anytime he went through to go to the snack cart.  The train ride seemed to drag on forever; finally when he thought it would never end the train slowed to to a stop.  Marcus arrived at Pennsylvania station in New York on Wednesday at 7 p.m. where his uncle awaited to pick him up.   The next day Marcus asked his uncle to go with him to the Statue of Liberty, so he had a reminder of why he was there; so his family would have the right to operate their own ranch.   
Early the next morning Marcus dressed in his best suit, he was ready for his day.  The first stop of the day was the Statue of Liberty. Marcus enjoyed the faerie ride much better that the train ride, when he arrived at the Statue of Liberty he caught himself standing in front of it staring in awe.

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