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Monday, January 9, 2012


by Brooke

Jazmine was her name. She was from Montgomery, Alabama, she was very tall blond with blue eyes. She was popular and had a boyfriend on the football team. Jazmine went to a doctor’s appointment and found out through several tests and weeks of waiting she had a progressive cancer. The doctors told her they didn’t have the equipment and researching staff to help her with that type of cancer. So the doctors recommend a cancer research organization in New York City.

With the news she had received and her recommendation , Jazmine took in all that had been said about her type of cancer. She thought to herself,  “My life as it is will not be the same.”

Jazmine and her mother had to wait two weeks before leaving for New York  because her mom had to ask off for work, and Jazmine’s mom wasn’t taking the news well. While Jazmine waited the two weeks  she gradually got sicker .She went to church and prayed to God with an open heart waiting for God to tell her what was to happen to her .

         Jazmine’s mom ‘s boss give her the time she needed . They booked their flights and made their hotel reservations for the hotel after they get off their first plane . They boarded their first flight and flew for two hours to Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, in flight Jazmine seemed to be feeling pretty well. As they were about to land,  she got a really bad headache that was so bad that made her have a nose bleed . They got of the  plane; they walked to the nearest bathroom, and she cleaned up her nose . After cleaning up Jazmine and her mom left the bathroom and got a cab. Then they went to their hotel . They walked into the lobby, and Jazmine had to sit down and wait for her mom to get them checked in at the hotel.

                          As she sat there waiting, she looked around at the ceiling and breathed in the smells of chlorine from the indoor pool . She walked slowly to the large window that gave the view of the city and people walking shopping and moving. She walked a little more to the largest dinning room she had ever seen where men and women with children sat and ate there food that the chef had prepared for them . The smells of all that food made Jazmine hungry, so she got herself a table and ordered a salad with soup and a Sierra Mist to drink. While she sat there and ate her salad, her mom showed up looking for her with tired and worried eyes .

Her mom said, “We are checked in and our flight leaves for tomorrow at 3:15 p.m.  for New York, You feeling okay, dear ?”  

Jazmine  said,  “Yeah, I’m okay ---- just tired and I need a shower . She said, “I’m looking forward to going to New York City and meeting the doctors.”

And her mom replied,.”Me too, dear .”  Jazmine finished her food and she and her mom walked together to the evaluator and got on .  

As Jazmine’s mom pushed the button for their floor, Jazmine  turned to her mom and said,  “Mom if I don”t live, don’t hate God or yourself ”

Her mom burst into tears because she’d been holding it all in, not wanting to think about the likely chances of losing her baby . Jazmine held her mom in her arms as they cried together in the elevator. The elevator beeped,  telling them that they had reached their floor .  Still crying, they both walked out  of the  evaluator holding hands . They walked  until they reached their room  and opened there room  with two  queensize  beds, a soakerbath tub, and walk -in shower.

Jazmine  loved it, and her bags were already there, so she started herself a bath and she soaked for an hour and got out Then her mom grabbed a quick shower . While her mom showered, Jazmine lay on her bed and fell asleep.

The next thing she knew it was 11:00 the next day and her mom left her a note that  said she went to grab a bite to eat downstairs.  Jazmine got herself up and took a shower . After her shower she packed her bags so when it was time to go to the airport, she was ready. By then it was 1:30 p.m., and her mom was back.  Then they headed for the lobby; her mom checked them out of theirroom, and they grabbed a  cab and headed to the airport  .They made it to the airport by 2:30.  Jazmine’s mom paid the cab driver and grabbed their bags and headed to the airline desk to get their tickets checked and get direction to which gate they had to go in. They made it to their gate in the nick of time.  The gate was about to be closed .  

As they walked through the gates and put their bags up and found seats, the pilot of the plane
came on and said, “Fifteen minutes to take off .”

Jazmine looked out a window that was next to her thinking all the while: “Next stop New York City.“

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