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Wednesday, January 11, 2012


By Krystal

She was just a normal, everyday, down-home country girl from a little town in Alabama with big dreams for her future. Jasmine was her name; she was the country belle of her town. She had beautiful blond hair and bright green eyes that could see right through a person.  She was outgoing and any country boy’s dream.  She was never like all her friends who wanted to stay around town and live on a farm with their dream country boy. Jasmine didn’t want that; she wanted to be a part of something big.

She wanted to be famous. And she also wanted a different guy. She wanted one of those guys that wore suits everyday to work and wanted to run his own million dollar business.  And she knew of only one place that would satisfy these aspirations she had for herself. That was New York. She had wanted to make her own country clothing line since she was little. When all the little kids drew doodles of animals, she was drawing clothing she wanted to make one day.

She wanted her own clothing store right in the middle of 5th Avenue. She wanted everyone to know her name and her clothes. She knew she had a good chance if she could only get to New York. She worked at a sit-down restaurant for over a year just saving up enough to afford the plane ticket to New York.

Everyday she would find herself thinking more and more about New York and how it would be to make it big. She had saved everything she made and was about to embark on her journey.

The day she was supposed to go to New York she had packed all of her belongings and was heading to the airport when she figured out she lost her plane ticket! She was devastated. She could never save up that much money again, and she wouldn’t be able go to New York any other time. She wanted to be there during the summer so she could experience all the shopping mania that went on during this season.

She knew of only one more way to get there. She would have to drive. She would have to make this long trip across the states to fulfill her dream. Her excitement would make the trip a little less awful. Well, it didn’t;  it took forever, but on the bright side she picked up a hitchhiker that was on his way to New York to become a model. She told him that she was going there to start her own clothing line she had always dreamed about. The ride was a little bit better with some company, but it still didn't go fast enough for her. She found herself once again daydreaming about what life would be like when she got to New York. If she made it big. She would be in heaven when she got there.
Then that time came. She finally saw the sign that said Welcome to the Big Apple. She let off her hitchhiker close to the city limits sign and went on her way to fulfill her dreams.

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