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Monday, January 9, 2012

Texas Jack

It was a hot day down on the prairie in southern Texas. Jack was pushing up a group of cows that he had brought up from the high valley range. The cattle market was up, and Jack was trying to save his family’s ranch. He was an owner of half of Texas, and he was a huge playerin the cattle industry. He was on his way home with all the cattle the he had left. His debts were piling up, and the ranch was going under.
Jack had gone around to all of the local banks to get a loan, but they all said that he was too high of a risk. So he was at home talking about his problem to his family.
His son mike reminded his dad of a city called New York. Mike told Jack that in New York he could make enough money to save the farm and live the good life for the rest of his days.
So Texas Jack packed up his bags, told his family good-bye, and started his long journey to the Big Apple. Jack had an old F-150 that had never been out of the county. He was driving through  Oklahoma when his truck started to make one of the weirdest noises, and then he heard the a rod go through the engine block.
Jack was very tight on money so he went to Walmart and got some JB weld. and he sealed up the side of his engine block and wired his rod back into place. Thus Jack had avoided one crisis and he saw an old cowboy trying to hitch a ride as soon as he got to Arkansas so he slowed and gave the cowboy a lift. The old, dusty cowboy got in and said, “Where you headed?”
Jack told him to the big apple. Jack said, “Well, friend, where are you headed?”
The cowboy said,”It don’t matter as long as it’sa warm, dry ride.”
So the cowboy and Jack sat and talked about where they had been and that was when he found out that the cowboy was wanted in Nevada for the killing of a man over a herd of cattle. They talked through two states, and the cowboy said,”This is far enough.”
He offered to pay, but Jack said, “We’re even because there ain't every many of us left.”
So Jack drove into a new state called North Carolina, and Jack decided that he would stop and take a rest for awhile. While he was asleep in his truck along the side of the road, he heard a knock at the door, and it was the Highway Patrol. They asked him if he had picked up a drifter. Jack said yes, and they arrested him on the spot; he was taken to the jail where he met back up with the cowboy he had given a ride to. The drifter said that he was sorry to bring Jack into this whole mess.
The next day they both were awakened and taken into town to see the judge. They walked into the court room and told their stories. The judge just sat there with a half-ass smile on his face and said. “Boys, we do things different in the East.”
So the judge sentenced the cowboy drifter to death by lethal injection. Then it was time for Texas Jack to hear his punishment. The judge sat up and said. “Jack, if I ever catch you back in my state, I will lock you up for good.”
So Jack ran to the impound lot, got in his truck, and flew out of town like his ass was on fire.
He was going down the road and making pretty good time and he got to thinking that this will be his first time in the big city. So he was getting pretty anxious and nervous, and he didn’t know what he would do without any of his friends or family. He was about ten miles out of New York when he came to the first problems of big city-life traffic. The cars seemed to be stuck in park, but Jack knew that he had to keep going, so he pulled into the median, grabbed his bag, and started walking to the city. He was having a good walk til he got into the city.  People were laughing at him and staring. So he went to the only place he new was safe the empire state building he walked in and was amazed at what he saw. There were people busying around like little busy bees he had tried to talk to a few of the people that walked by and they all just looked at him and smirked. Then a big black security guard came up to him and said that we do not allow the homeless in this building. Jack tried to explain to the guy why he was here and why his clothes looked like shit. The security guard said the was going to have to throw Jack out,  no matter what the reason for him being there. So Jack sat down and started to think why would his family lie to him about this place. He figured that his family had not seen and dealt with the horrors of being a cowboy in a big city. Well, he decided to sit down and figure out what he could do and where he was going to stay.   

by Dakota

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