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Saturday, December 31, 2011

Andy Scenario 2 -- A Heart for Excitement

Hurry up, team ,we’ve gotta get this man to New York before its too late. They were finally on their way to New York full roar in the ambulance. This would be the first time that anybody had been taken across states for a medical procedure.  As the ambulance gets to the hospital karren andy’s mom tells andy that when she was following the ambulance across the brooklyn bridge she seen a girl dart across the road weaving in and out of traffic trying to get to the other side. She stopped on the side of the road to ask the girl what she was diong and she said that she just wanted the adrenaline rush. Her name was Leah and she was an adrenaline junkie. Karren had told andy this to try and relieve some tension cosidering the stress he was under. After several hours of of surgery andy has a new heart and he feels like a new man. His time as a patient is over and so is his patience. In the middle of the night andy wakes up his new heart pounding he has to get out he needs to be free. He opens his window and jumps. Being on the first floor the hospital wasn’t hardly off the ground. He starts running down the street and makes his way to the his mom karren is staying at. He goes into the room where his mom is staying and convinces her he was released. She tells him to get some rest. The next day he wakes up to a pair of shoes,jeans, and a shirt sitting on the bed with an envelope.He opens the envelope and finds a letter from his mom stating that she heard he escaped and she didnt want to deal with a liar. The other part of the envelope contained 5 100 dollar bills.

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