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Thursday, December 15, 2011

Matthew Scenario 2

It was another one of those days for Matthew thinking, debating, wondering if what he is doing is the right thing to do, now a days who knew, who was anyone to judge for the actions of an individual. He has always believed in righteous reprieve , but not this time, this time he was out for vengeance.  Every step he took he felt more and more lost , but at the same time he felt a sense of relief knowing he could finish what he set out to do at any moment at any time.  All day long he constantly told himself follow through with this, but now he was even debating that thinking is this what I really want to do what really needs to happen, but the sense of “of course it does a life for a life” always came to mind and that brought him back to the state of mind he needed to be in if he would ever follow through with this.  He thought about this all the time , but know that he was heading to his destination, getting closer and closer and thoughts of “what could”, “what should” was getting stronger and stronger and he knew either way these thoughts would still rush to mind at the thought of the events that lead him to think point, in the Big Apple.  He took the subway all the way to the subway station he looked at his watch it said 6:54, the subway was to leave at 7:00 so he rushed to grab a seat on the subway before it left. It was nope 6:59 and the training was prepping up to head out, he made it , but only barely, but not before he ran into someone who was also boarding the train the same time he was, Matthew just glanced at the stumbling man and had an overwhelming sense of deja vu, I knew this man , but where have I seen him before, it doesn’t matter he wasn’t here for that.  The subway ride seemed like it was taking forever , but wasn’t everything like that nowadays barely a beginning, never an end worth remembering.  The whole time on the train the man he ran into kept staring at him never taking his eye off of Matthew.  He kept starring with a look that was ominous, driven, kind of reminds him of someone.  He left on the china town stop, after that Matthew starting having thoughts of “I know him , but from where” and “where have I seen him before,”  these thoughts were flooding into his mind almost as much as what he was here to do, if it was so important that he couldn’t stop thinking of it then why couldn’t he remember.  His train finally stopped and he stepping off and a thought was captured in his mind, not a picture, or any message, but a name,  Sam.

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