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Saturday, December 31, 2011

Sam Frost -- Scenario 2 --- A China Town Trip

Sam woke up to the sound of screeching of the wheels from the plane. Sam got up and headed towards the cargo. Sam switch his cloths once more and grabbed his bag, He climbed down the wheels again and walked to the doors that go into the airport. Sam heads to the bathroom and switches back to his original cloths.
 Sam grabbed his bag and left Kennedy airport. He called a taxi and said “Futon St.” the taxi started to drive. Sam arrived at Futon St. and walked into a run down hotel room. Sam walked in and looked around it seemed like nobody has been there in a while so he walked up to the second floor and kicked open a door he put his stuff down and he walked up to the window and looked out his window, he could see the Lady Liberty from his window. Sam sat down on the ground and looked through his bag and found the letters from and to his friends in the military.
    It got late and Sam looked at his phone it was 6:30 p.m. he got up and walked down stairs of the hotel and went outside, he walked down the sidewalk and asked the old women “where’s the closes subway station” She told him that it was down the road and to the left. Sam then started down the road and turned left and went down into the subway system. It was 7:00 and the train had just got there and Sam was boarding then all of a sudden somebody ran into Sam. Sam stumbled and looked up it was the man from the plane, then the man just left not even apologizing. The man who ran into Sam sat down by the door so Sam sat down right across from him. Sam stared at him and he stared back Sam felt like he’s seen him somewhere other then the the plane but he couldn’t put his finger on it.
    The subway stopped and Sam got off. Sam walked up the stairs from the subway tunnel and arrived in China Town, Sam walked down the street and saw the sign for bar Sam walked in and asked the bartender “ where’s your manager” the bartender pointed and said “back, back” (In funny china voice) Sam walked to the doors and went through them he turned and saw stairs.
   Sam headed down stairs and turned right there he saw to big China dudes in black, Sam stopped and one of them turned and opened the door. Sam headed in and sat down with the boss of that place. The Boss Takashi Saito was about 5’7 short black hair and had a tattoo of a Dragon on his left shoulder.
     Sam asked the boss for help in finding “him”. Then Takashi looked at Sam and said “Why should I help you” Sam then said “ because I know what you’ve been doing down at the Bloomfield Docks” Takashi looked at him with a serious face and asked “how do you know”. “ In my travels I’ve found out a lot of things, I had to kill a man who owned a small business he had got in with some of your guys and couldn’t pay so I was payed to kill and take everything from him. So be a friend and help me out” then Takashi sat back and got up, he walked up to the door and hit it once and the two guards came in and closed the door, Takashi started talking in Chinese but what he didn’t know was Sam could to.
  Sam translated the Chinese and Takashi said “ take care of this arrogant American” the two guard looked at Sam and ran at him and in a split second they were both on the ground Takashi pulled out his gun and pointed it at Sam, and Sam took it from him and grabbed his neck and push him against the door and put the gun in his mouth “ You are going to help me find lead on “him”, Now if I don’t get any info by tomorrow then I’ll come back and next time I’ll pull the the trigger. Sam let go and put the gun in his coat and walked out of the bar heading back to the hotel.  

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