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Saturday, December 31, 2011

Colter --- Scenario 2 --- The Empire Strikes Back

Finally arriving to New York, he was relieved.  Where was he going to go though he had to find work immediately!  Wanted to become a model but if not.  That could easily be fixed with another job until a modeling one opened.  He figured with a quick trip to the Empire State building to find jobs he would have some luck.  There are always employers looking for people wanting jobs.   Someone who is good looking and could have possibly brought more attention to the work area.  He knew he had the qualities that fit any job the best.  How to get noticed, he would find out once he got there.  
A quick trip on the train to the Empire State Building, with the money he had left he would use to buy a quick train ticket at Grand Central Station.  Awaiting the train he could hear the large engine roar through the passage way.  So loud it pierced the child's ear next to him.  As the child hunched over into the fetal position he noticed a young lady.  A very delightful looking lady.  She seemed quite familiar though.  Where had he seen her before?  Maybe it was deja vu.  He just stared at her tried to reminisce about her.  He got no where.  When all of a sudden, BAM, it seemed as if his bladder was going to explode he headed to the bath room on the train.  After washing his hands he headed back to his seat, and awaited his arrival.  Arriving finally at the second train station, he headed on his way.  The Big Apple was so big compared to home, but not so big that it spun his head around twice.  He looked at his map on his phone so he could get directions on where to go and continued to make his way there.  Stupid him though he accidentally jay walked as soon as a cop passed by.  The cop was new and was a real tough cookie.  He didn’t like Colter’s attitude so he decided to put him in the back of the car and head on down to the police station.  He wasn’t in there long but it surely shook him up enough that he was much more careful the next time he came to a cross walk.  After all that he went through he finally had made it to the Empire State building.  

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