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Saturday, December 31, 2011

Jazmine Scenario 2 ---- Search for the Cure

Jazmine awoke to her mother saying it was time to wake up. She opened her eyes and said what time is it? Her mom told her it was 6:30 p.m. The last thing Jazmine remembered was boarding  the plane and setting down. Jazmine asked her mom when did I fall a sleep ? She said after we set down. Jazmine said okay as she stretched . The pilot came on and said we will be landing in 5 minutes . As jazmine waits the plane landed onto the ground .After the plane stops and Jazmine grabbed her bag and her mom walked off the plane. Jazmine and her mom walked threw the crowds of people . They made it to the door and Jazmine push’s it open. She hailed a cab. They put there bags in the cab . And they set down and Jazmine told the driver to the Statue of Liberty if you please.  As Jazmine sets there next to her mom looking out the window. While she looked out and saw tall buildings and a crowd of people but one guy stuck out in her mind he was tall and had dark hair and seemed her someone that was interesting cause you could tell wasn't  from the big city . As they she sit  there looking out the window she becomes so deep into thought that she doesn't realize that she is now at the statue of liberty and she opens the door and walks out she cries as she stared at her beauty because she thought to her self  look at her  strength and  the fact she  she never gets sick and she never dies or ages. “Lady liberty lives forever ” Why can’t I? Jazmine said aloud to her mom as she cries.

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