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Saturday, December 31, 2011

Jasmine -- Scenario 2 --- New York's Finest

When she finally made her way into the city she was so overwhelmed that she hadn't realized that she was headed straight for the NYPD station in the middle of town. Well she definitely didn't want to site see in there so she was going to go on her way to view Wall Street. As she was driving by the station she saw the officers taking some old, nasty, looking guy out of a cop car and taking him into the headquarters. She was glad those kind of looking people were behind bars. He looked like one of those creepy rapist guys.

When she finally made her way away from the NYPD she felt this feeling of relief come over here. So she finally made her way to Wall Street to see all the sites before she made it to her hotel where she would stay tonight. And in the morning she would go down to 5th street and observe all the stores. And maybe do a little shopping as well.

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