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Saturday, December 31, 2011

Ralie Kay -- Scenario 2 : Meeting at the Station

She managed to make it all the way to new york in a matter of seconds (so it seemed).  The clock was ticking and she knew she had to meet Mr. Larry Johnson soon.  She had finally arrived at a famous location, Grand Central Station.  Wow was it packed, people rushing across the floor like ants running from water.  Many had bags following behind them in assorted colors.  No one in New York looked alike, many people were from many cultures big and small, skin color varied from pale to dark as night.  She stood there and took a moment to soak everything in, letting it all rush in.  The sights, the smells, just the atmosphere.

“Tap” as the heel of her shoe landed onto the floor.  This was her first step into The Big Apple.  She reached down to her baggage and grabbed onto its handle and continued forward.  “Tap, tap, tap...”

“Ahhh!! Mrs. Peterson!”
Ralie turns her head and searches to where the voice is coming from.
“Darling, over here.” he says in a very fluent Italian accent as he waves his hand to her.   
Ralie finally notices him and walks to meet him with a big smile.
“Welcome to New York!” spreading his arms above his head.  “Grand, isn’t it?”
“Yes, yes it is.” she says looking around still.
“Are you ready to be a part of my team?” he says with a wink.
She blushes and looks down, “Oh, yes.” and finally looks back up.
“Dimitri!!” and he claps his hands as if signaling something and a young boy walks up behind him. “If you will,” and he points to Ralie’s baggage. “please.”
“Ma’am” as the young boy gently took the bag out of Railie’s hand and the rest lying next to her.  He wore some formal uniform.  It was embroider with gold stitching and big buttons; a small green hat with a strap which wrapped around his chin was upon his head.
“Follow me dear.” as Mr. Larry Johnson walked forward.
Ralie did as he wished and stuck close behind.  “Man, someone could get lost in this place.  I’m really fortunate to have you lead me around, Mr. Larry Johnson.”
“Oh, it’s my pleasure.  I’m the fortunate one, to possibly have you work with me.” he turns around and smiles at her, still stepping towards the exit.
Shortly after the reach the front doors.  Dimitri scrambles to the door, he leans on the door and pushes it open; still with bags in his hands.  Outside, was more spectacular than the view inside.  Once Ralie stepped onto the concrete patio her jaw dropped and eyes widen.  Mr. Johnson proceeded forward down the many steps to the road, but he didn’t notice Ralie frozen at the top.  He kept talking away and had no response.  He turned around and seen Ralie gawking.  
“Dear!! Please?” motioning her to come heather.  
She shook free of the trap and scurried down the stairs, trying not to slip in her heels. Ralie meet the two of them at the bottom, Dimitri still handling the baggage. Dimitri walks steadily to a parked vehicle, he pops the trunk open and tosses the bags in the trunk.  
Again, Mr. Larry Johnson starts rambling on about his success and how great full he was to possibly have Ralie on his team.  But Ralie heard an eruption of sound, her head turned quickly to the direction of the sound.  The roar of a Shelby GT, came down the road.  A young man, was crossing the road.  He appeared with long shaggy hair, hand-me-down clothes and and a blurry smile.  Ralie could just see what was going to happen, even her heart started beating faster.  
“Sir!!” She yelled towards him and jolted reaching out to him.  
Mr. Larry Johnson turned once she yelled and seen the accident.  
The nice car just smacked into him.  Instantly the young man fell to the ground, and the driver jumped out and stared shouting at him.
“Ralie, dear.  As much as i didn’t want to see that, we must get going.” Mr. Johnson said to her pushing her to the car.  Dimitri opened the car door looked her in the eye ,
“Ma’am.” smiled and Ralie jumped in and Mr. Johnson continued and shut the door behind him.  
Dimitri got into the drivers side and started the vehicle and pulled out of the parking spot and drove forward.

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