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Saturday, December 31, 2011

Texas Jack 2: Takin' a Punch

Texas Jack was going to go out and try to drink some of his problems away. He walked into his first bar, and he was having quite a few beers. Soon a few city boys started to mess with Jack. Jack was a country boy and was taught not to take any shit, so he stood up.

Then the first one swung at Jack, and he got knocked out by a left hook. The other guys rushed Jack, but he kept dropping them as they kept coming.

Soon the fight was over, and Jack sat down to finish his beer. That was when the cops rushed in and arrested him.

So Jack was taken to jail and while he was in the jail getting booked, he looked over and noticed a guy who looked like some kind of male model. When he was getting released, Jack hollered out saying. "I wana beat his ass now!"

Then the authorities decided to stop Jack's release, and he got thrown in the drunk tank to sleep it of.f When Jack woke up, he did not know where he was or what he had done. Then he saw the Chief of Police coming into the back.

The chief grabbed Jack and said, "Get the hell out of his jail. He told Jack, "I am going to keep an eye on you, so you need to keep your ass outa trouble."

Jack told him he would, and Jack left NYPD. The cowboy went to walk around the city to try to find a bank.

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